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Khuda ke Liye broke the boundaries and became the first Pakistani movie to be shown in Indian cinemas in many years. After the ban on Indian movies was lifted in Feb 2008, there’s been a slow but steady trickle of releases, the first of which was “Welcome”.

However, none of the releases as yet boasted outdoor advertising of their own:




Who bother to Build wall when It is easy to Write on the Wall

Who bother to Build wall when It is easy to Write on the Wall

“Question For A Difference”

We often see young underage children riding bikes and driving cars recklessly on the streets, posing a danger to their lives and others.

Why do you think we as the citizen’s of Karachi should do about it ?

Question: When do people usually take up smoking in karachi?

If you smoke, please tell us when you started, if you dont, then let us know about people in your surroundings.

Personally, i started this habit back in college, for no other reason than digestive help (that was my official excuse). Mostly though, i was just tired of everybody asking me when i had started smoking when i didn’t and eventually gave into it.

Whats your story?

Coming up next: Scientific data on cigarette smoking among college students!

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Question: finding good help

In many homes in Karachi, a great deal of dependence is on the army of household workers who travel from the periphery of the city to come work as maids, nanny’s and cooks. If it wasn’t for them, life in the city for quite a few of us would be very difficult.

Still, the number one complain you hear from housewives is, where to find good help from? I was asked this question a little while ago, and couldn’t come up with an answer. So i put it out to all of you.

How did you come to know the maid/gardener/driver (any or all) who works for you, and why did you decide to hire them?

Question: What does someone gain by letting the air out of someone’s tires?

Have we become that cowardly a nation, that we now have to let the air out of someone’s tires to let out our aggression? Yesterday, while performing an errand on Tariq Road, i parked my car in a small side lane taking care to press my car as much into the sidewall as i could to let other people pass. When i returned, i find one of my front tires is flat!

First, it used to be this guy in my apartment building, who didn’t like me or where i parked my car. So he would leave me a gift of letting me change my tire every morning till i just got fed up and parked on the opposite end. Now, this happened.. I mean, where is decency any more! Next thing you know, someone would have bashed your car or break your windows if they don’t like you. As our morals decay on a daily basis, a bashed up car doesn’t even seem that far fetched.

Follow-up Question: Whats the worst act of passive aggression you’ve faced (or doled out) while out on the road? (Passive aggression is something someone does intentionally but in non-threatening manner to piss you off)

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Cars stolen from abroad running on our city streets

One of the things i often wonder when i see so many new and high class cars (e.g. prados, mercs and ferraris) on the roads is, how do they get here this quick. Ofcourse, there are people who have the money, or who are that financially savvy enough to get the loans, but still, it takes time for cars to get through the red tape. Seems like atleast “some” of these cars come here stolen from other countries.

EVEN Detective Sergeant Gerry Bashford, a veteran of Victoria Police’s organised motor vehicle theft squad, thought it was odd the day he received a phone call from a British counterpart in Pakistan.

His colleague had just seen a new Toyota Prado luxury four-wheel-drive with NSW number plates drive past him on the streets of the former Pakistani capital, Karachi.

And this was one car which had its orignal plates on. What about others who get them changed… what then? Read complete story here.

Question: If you knew the car you’re buying was originaly stolen, even if you are going through completely legal means to buy it yourself, would you still go ahead and buy it?

Where in Karachi #90?

Tell the exact location, shouldn’t be too hard.

Click for a bigger version.

QOD: Credible News?

Last week, a discussion came about regarding DailyTimes and its ‘credibility’. How *do* u rate a newspaper or journalist credible? On another note, who do classify as a news source?

Many newspapers have their own points of view, their affiliations with different points of view and the personal views of the editors. This seeps into the type of articles that they publish, hence often the same story can be published using different viewpoints by different papers. Who do u believe?

Recently, blogs such as the one your reading now, has been focused on the happenings in the city and reporting them. Washington Post recently included ‘Mobile Journalists’ on their team, or MoJos, who do pretty much the same as we are doing. So i believe my second question would be.. Do we rate as a credible news source?

QoD: Who Gave Karachi What ?

Leaving politics aside, among all notables who has given what to our city in the last ten years ? and why ?

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