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An Inexpensive Alternative The recent cold spell has brought with it these colorful heaps of used clothing which are making their appearance felt at the make-shift weekly bazaars around the city as in efficient and inexpensive winter clothing alternative for the poor, under privileged and the struggling middle class of our society, assuring to keep them warm throughout the winters without putting much strain on their already warned out pockets.

Convenience at a cost

With the 2nd outlet of Makro opened in city-center, the store attracts more than a handful of shoppers eager to experience the convenience and price advantage or shopping at a hyper-market.

My review is based on a personal experience of 2 visits, some shopping, and comparison with other international hyper-market chains.

While the concept of hyper-markets is relatively new in Pakistan, we have seen convenient stores like Naheed’s, Agha’s and D-Mart spread across the city, hence the shopping experience is not so new.

I had heard about Makro from friends and family, but had never visited the original SITE branch as it was too cumbersome. However, I visited the Shahra-e-Faisal branch twice in a week.

In Other Blogs: Shopping Woes

Javeria describes how shopping in Karachi translates into lots of headaches, especially due to tardiness of shopkeepers to open in the morning, the practice by shopkeepers of cheating customers out of every penny they can and the lack of prayer places for women which makes offering prayers almost impossible.

Where In Karachi?

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Guess away…

Down The Memory Lane: Recalling Mideast Hospital

20070321_03.jpgMarch this year when Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz performed the ground breaking ceremony for Sofitel Hotel Plaza, yet another addition in this establishment’s growing facade of so-called “developmental projects”, I wasn’t the least of a pleased spectator. Mideast Hospital, at whose site the plaza would be constructed, was a corner stone of some of my most cherished childhood memories. Hospitals aren’t exactly meant to be places children are fond of, but for a multitude of reasons, Mideast was something different. I was born at JPMC but my family pediatrician practiced there, and trips to his clinic, if not always specifically anticipated or welcomed, were at least worthwhile; an alleviator of pain I saw him as, and the big aquarium in his office, a cause of much, much fascination.

Sharif Frame Maker

One of my photos framed by Sharif Bhi.We all hang frames in our homes, it may be our favorite picture, a poster, a painting, calligraphic art or an Islamic image and often we go to these framing guys who charge huge amounts to frame our favorite picture and still we don’t get satisfactory results. I too had been searching for a framer who would provide me with quality framing within an affordable cost so one day I asked Tapu Javeri if he knew someone who could frame a few Photographs of mine at an affordable price without compromising on quality and Tapu was kind enough to showed me the way to the Sharif Frame Maker.

Welcome Book Port Annual Clearance Sale

The number of places you can buy good, cheap and legal (non-pirated) books in Karachi isn’t that large. Even rarer is the possibility of sale at a good book shop. But in Welcome Book Port‘s annual clearance sale -where they are offering as much 70% discounts on some of their listed books- you have one such rare, pleasant occasion. KMB reader Noumaan tells us more about his bustling book store located in Urdu Bazaar:

Being one of the largest book exporters in Pakistan they have books available on a variety of topics. Including poetry, literature, politics, social sciences, philosophy, and a whole lot more. Specially they have a special children’s corner upstairs where they have easy to read stories for children. There are also some audio books available but mostly on Islamic topics.


More Generator Buying Guide

What’s the hottest (pun intended) selling item in the midst of load shedding and heat? A generator, off course. And how much does an average sherfu know about generators? Not much. So one of our readers, Abbas Malik, sent us his review of best generators available in market. This is knowledge sharing at its best. Very informative read. Thanks Abbas.

And then the pushcarts dissapeared.

A couple of months ago, Jamash did an excellent post on buying books. He mentioned the second hand books market at University Road, near Expo Centre, opposite Masjid Bait-ul-Mukarram. Every now and then I’d get myself books from there and got quite the shock last week when I went. All I saw was an empty ground. With no hint of there ever being any push carts filled to the skies [okay maybe not that high] with books of all kinds. The added benefit of the place was that if you buy books from there, you could return them [if you’re the kind who doesn’t hoard the books you buy] at a lower rate and buy another by adding just a few more rupees to the equation.

Hyderi used to have a pretty big second hand book market too, at least till a few years ago, the pushcarts used to keep dissapearing and coming back every few months. Haven’t been there in the longest time so not sure if they’re still there or not. Now what I’m wondering is where all the pushcarts from Opposite Masjid Bait ul Mukarram went. And if they’ll be back. Does anyone know?

Shopping Festival

The famous KMC building’s platinum jubliee brought in a series of festivals among which is scheduled this festive for full of fun and life Karachities.
The festival is to be held under the monitoring of Nasreen Jalil, Naib city nazim @Kashmir road from January 6 to January 18.

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