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Kolachi Tweetup ’09

DSC_2927Kolachi Tweet-up ’09 was by no means anything out of the ordinary, a gathering of over 75 twitter users from the city, Karachi, organized yesterday, 26th of July, 2009 by Google and CIO, for an idea conceived by Haris, sponsored by Intel, Acer and DawnNews, was one amazing event.

Twitter, “a free social messaging utility for staying connected in real-time” as described by official creators of the service is no less then a revolution. The tool as discussed in the tweet-up my have it’s side effects but if used with a little responsibility can prove a blessing for students, researchers, writers, marketing executives, business representatives, journalists  and professionals.


Violent Celebrations Left Two Dead.

It was only a few day back when celebratory firing during a wedding ceremony took the life of a teenager who was returning home after work in Baldia town. Yesterday after Pakistan won the ICC T20 World Cup people celebrating the victory resorted to heavy aerial firing in the city. I heard several bullets falling on the roof of our house, a bullet even directly hit one of our parapet wall leaving it’s violent marks by chipping a chunk of plaster off the wall.

My celebrations had already gone sour when I heard the heavy firing, I knew people must have got injured but the morning newspaper announced the worst. Two people had actually lost their lives while over two dozen others were reported to have been injured.

I wish we would have gone through all these celebration without any violence, or only if us loosing that match could have saved those two precious lives we lost list light, I wish we would have lost the match instead.

From Father To Son at KOEL

dsc_9988It is always a delight to see young people coming out show there talent, specially in art with  strong and mature expressions and this exhibition titled From Father To Son is one such unique exhibition which exhibits incredibly stunning art work by a father, Tariq Alexander Qaiser an architect by profession and a photographer by passion and his fifteen year old son,  Kayhan Feroze Qaiser side by side. 

Remarkably the fifteen year old contributor’s work is so is so strong and well balanced that one really cant imagine that this photographer would be so young until one meets Kayhan in person.



Overloaded !

kmb0609 Filed beyond capacity, a bit too overloaded, posing a serious threat to it’s occupants, mostly children a few women too This Rickshaw passed by several traffic sergeants but was stopped no where. 

The Song of Mohen Jo Daro

TLISM Festival celebrations continue by marking World Dance Day with a performance of “The Song of Mohen jo Daro” – a ballet conceived and choreographed by Sheema Kermani.

This ballet was premiered in 1992 to rave reviews and great acclaim in the press and media. It has been performed many times to packed halls.

The ballet tells the story of Peelu, a young man and his fiancée Bhairvi who wants to become a dancer. Peelu forbids her to dance and is very angry. His friend Bihag tries to cheer him up and they go down the river Indus and down in ‘Time’ to Mohenjodaro of 2500 B.C.

What happens there and what happens when he returns back to present times?

This is The Song of Mohenjodaro – an exhilarating one and half hour of classical and folk dance, drama and music!

Venue: Arts Council Theatre
Date: 29 and 30th April
Time: 8pm
Duration: 1 hour and 25 mins.

All the admirers of art can attend this performance. Tickets available at Agha’s and are priced at Rs. 500.

The Jinnah Anthology Launched

dsc_3974The Oxford University Press, at a local hotel here in Karachi, on 20th of April, 2009, launched the second edition “The Jinnah Anthology”, Compiled and edited by Liaquat Merchant and professor Sharif al Mujahid, The new edition is a hard back voluminous book which contains extensive material on the subject with a number newly written and old articles, excerpts, personal recollections, tributes by renowned authors and distinguished people from world over, photos of some rare documents, along with quotes, speeches, statements and memorable and rare photographs of Muhammad Ali jinnah.

What If Today Is Lost, There Is Always Tomorrow..

lostI spotted this kid right outside expo center, sitting by the foot path. His humble merchandize, a dish full of Chola chart spilled on the dirty roadside, while he cried over his loss. I gave a few bucks to him and moved on. The next morning on the same spot I saw him again with a fresh dish of the same kind of chola chart, happy and giggling when he approached my car and I asked him “Aren’t you the same boy who was crying right there, yesterday” and he answered back with a broad smile “yes Sahib, this is all a routine of life” ….

An Ode to Tehrik

TLISM ended yesterday after a spell-bound performance of more than 2 hours of Ek Hazar Aur Ek Thi Raatein having stories depicting powerful women in Arabian Nights. The play got an awesome response with an standing ovation. After all, it is not a child’s play to perform and sing for 2 hours, remember so many lines and above all giving a perfect performance which touched everyone’s heart and enriched everybody’s mind. IT IS AN ART!

The purpose of declaring this at KMB: TLISM, a theater festival which celebrated the 30 years of Tehrik-e-Niswan’s astonishing work for women empowerment and social development in Karachi and elsewhere, and their work speaks for itself; their work is there ode to the mission, and this post is ode to the people behind the vision.

The activities continue. One of them will be a dance ballet SONG OF MOHENJODARO on 29th and 30th April marking the International Day of Dance.

Dawn Feature:

Transience by Sadia Salim at KOEL

dsc_0555Koel art Gallery opened it’s doors to an exciting art exhibition by master ceramist Sadia Salim on the 19th of March 2009. 

The show exhibits some intriguing forms in ceramic derived right out of disposable bottles, tin cans or yogurt containers giving a new meaning to the common use items we rarely pay much attention to. Her installation titled “Chaos” a representation of how every element gets attracted and attached in a desire for find peace and a solution to end the chaos but oblivious of the harsh realities and ending up being a part of the chaos it’s self, is an inspiring  work of art. Another one which will instantly grab your attention is Transience, which is again a really interesting installation.

The mugs, bowls, the square plate, bottles and much more all in a display of interesting textures, colors forms and shapes, abstracted, molded, fired in ceramics makes this exhibition an inspirational display of art work.

 The exhibition is to continue till the 30 of March 2009, 11  to 8 pm.

dsc_0517bwKOEL Gallery: 
   F-42/2, block 4, Scheme 5 Clifton , Karachi
Phone: (+92-21) 5831292 and 5364013

The Murder of The Innocent.

 In this country innocents get murdered every day, may they be the victims of a bomb blast, a pedestrian trying to cross a road, a collage student waiting for a bus, a person resisting a robbery bid, or pet dog sitting calmly outside his house.

Here is just another one of the heartbreaking narrative:

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