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The Gizri Flyover…

So after a long hiatus where I was away from the city or generally pulling an ostrich to try to avoid the horrors of living in this city, the warrior inside me suddenly woke up today and I logged on to Metblogs to see what was going on… Surprise of surprises! I am still on the blogroll! So I think I will resume my blogging activity where I left off, in hopes that I will end up doing this city a little better by speaking about things rather then keeping to myself or hiding. So here goes…

Today’s tirade is about the Gizri flyover. This flyover has been under construction since God-knows-when…. actually since over the past two and a half years. In this meantime, CDGK started and finished about a gagillion flyovers all over the city. Whereas, the DHA and the Cantonment board… slowly and steadily… kept hammering away at their only masterpiece – the Gizri flyover.

Since it falls on my daily route, I had been wishing and hoping that it would be opened soon so it could help the bottleneck that is the Punjab-chowrangi to Altamash hospital road, and then lo and behold — it seemed like the flyover had been completed by November. However, only now did the long wait for its final opening started. Maybe the DHA was waiting for some Big Thing to come open it, however that never materialized and we kept on waiting and waiting and waiting.


Sindh Taraqi Pasand Party Rally

I received an email from KMB reader.

“Please be informed that Sindh Taraqi Pasand Party (STPP) has planned to organize a rally in Karachi on January 21 giving it the title of”‘Karachi is Sindh”. The masses from all over SINDH & parts of Balochistan are gathering in various parts and The rally would start from Quaid-e-Azam’s mausoleum and is likely to terminate at Tibet Centre on M A Jinnah Road.

(STPP) Chief Dr Qadir Magsi has claimed that millions of people would participate in the rally, which is most unlikely. The leaders of the party will also deliver their speeches at the end of the rally. Dr Qadir Magsi has warned that if any untoward incident occurs during the party’s rally the present Sindh Government would be responsible for the consequences.

Employees are advised to avoid M.A Jinnah road as chances of any untoward situation cannot be ruled out.”

Wedding Bells!

Wedding Bells

Photo Credit: Rehan Adil

Routable GPS Maps for Karachi

Routable Karachi Map courtesy of

Routable Karachi Map courtesy of

Its been a long time coming but independent efforts by a group of volunteers have finally paid off to present a fully routable GPS map for Karachi available FREE to the general public. Ali Ahmed and his team of GPS enthusiasts at PKMaps has been doing a remarkable job updating and mapping the entire city of Karachi (& Pakistan) in full detail. Their latest release Karachi Map 0.85 has yet again built upon their great effort. Boasting n impressive stats of 9,500 POI, 36,000 roads (10,500 km), 2,500 addresses, 40 POI with contact numbers

The zip files available for download on the site are custom made for Garmin GPS units. To install this map on your Garmin device you can either download the Mapsource version or copy the gmapsupp.img directly on your supplemental map file. If you have a non-Garmin device there are a few help files on the forums to help install the same Karachi map on alternate devices.

Routbale Map of Karachi available for free

Routbale Map of Karachi available for free

Generally all Pakistan wide maps are available for free but a more detailed Pro version can be accessed for free if you join the team of contributors helping them to either map or even correct and fix the existing map. The Pro version generally has quite a detailed index of house numbers and an elaborate POI index [Points of Interest]

Attached are a few screen shots of this amazing routable map navigating through the streets of Karachi

Google Earth Karachi – Latest Satellite Imagery

Google Earth Karachi had no (significant) update for a long period (3/4 years?) though CDGK had given the city a relatively different look. GOOD news is, they are now updating KARACHI and recently one can see all major updates (starting with an over-due Nursery flyover map/patch) and almost all changes in last 4 years now incorporated. Keep in mind, the visibility might be a question but GOOGLE has this layered approach when updating maps so places will get more visible and clear with time. Thank you so much Team GOOGLE (Earth).Here are some screen-shots. See if you figure out the places correctly.

[ If you mouse-over the image it will give you the answer ]



and she slammed her car into mine…

KMB_9852A few days back in the evening, I was driving towards bath island from the Lily Bridge, after turning right from the traffic signal on the main road, I was going straight on the main road at a very slow speed with the bumper to bumper traffic when i heard and felt  something slamming  into my car. Immediately pressing the breaks and  looked into the rear view mirror and spotted a black car (the one in the picture), which was attached to the back door of my car and was now slowly backing up. I parked my car on the side of the road and by the time I emerged out of my car the female driver of the other car, was already out on the road. seeing me step out, she almost immediately started shouting at me, “Didn’t you see me coming from the side, You should have stopped !” – I told her in a calm voice that it was my right of the way, as she was entering the main road from a side lane she should have stopped stop and waited for teh traffic to stop, also I told he that she slammed into me after I had almost passed her. At this she started stepping away towards her car while shouting out loud ” you have ruined my car, you could have stopped “. (more…)

Second Critical Mass Cycle Ride – Oct 18th at 7:30am

Critical mass Karachi‘Critical Mass Karachi’ is a cycling movement out there on the streets of Karachi. The group sets out at a fixed location and time, to peddle through set routes. Let’s join together and reclaim our public spaces and view our city through new angles.

All bikes and bikers are free to join and play an essential part in promoting our nation and saving our environment!

Second Critical Mass Cycle Ride
On Sunday, 18th October 2009
At 07:30 a.m.
Approximately 7 km.


Karachi Traffic Jams: WE or GOVT?

We have been observed lot of development in last few years in Karachi. But traffic problem is becoming worst day by day. In my personal experience, the distance which took around 30 minutes to reach a destination a year before now it takes not less than 30 minutes.

In your opinion, who is the responsible of traffic jams in Karachi?

  • Public: because people don’t care about rules and still want to use incorrect paths regardless the impact?
  • City Government: because they didn’t plan properly and creating problems for public?
  • Traffic Police: because they are failed to control traffic properly?


Extreme Engineering – desi style

[ Original Reference ]

The Reckless Biker Kid

In Ramazan right after the Iftaar mostly all the major roads remain somewhat deserted, devoid of all the days hustle and bustle, presenting them selves as an ideal playground for new young drivers to tryout the limits of their cars pushing them to the top of their speed, racing and screeching on the roads.

This seemingly ideal road condition turned out to be not quite so ideal today when a twelve year old biker, who while zapping on the road probably lost his sense of direction and slammed with full force, a parked car here in Gulshan-e-Iqbal.  The Motorbike which is said to have belonged to his alder brother entered half way into the car tearing through the rear door. Miraculously with the force of the impact the bike tossed it’s young rider clear off and over the car leaving him alive with only miner cuts and bruises.

I have seen countless children riding bikes and driving cars at break neck speeds on the roads of this city. I fail to understand what kind of parents would be so Irresponsible to let their kids be on the roads, behind the wheals endangering other’s lives and theirs as well. I hope the law enforcement agencies take strict actions not only against such but also their parents who allow their children to break the law.

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