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Where in Karachi?


You have the usual 24 hours…

Where In Karachi ?

cash.jpg Here is “Where in Karachi” with bit of a twist.

Translation: “Receive receipt after depositing Any Type of cash”

Where in Karachi could one possibility find such a cash counter where you can get a receipt for “any type of cash” and what exactly do they mean by “Any Type” ?

Let your imaginations go wild and be creative, Imaginable or even unimaginable possibilities, guesses, assumptions, views, thoughts all are welcome.

The exact location where I spotted this sign will be revealed after 24 hours.

Where in Karachi?

karachi zoo
Let’s see how many of you can guess this, answers at 9 o clock. As a hint, here’s a translation of the poetry on the wall:

This thing is for looking, look at it again & again
Talk to it, Look at it closer
The head of a human, the body of an animal
This is not real but an illusion.

Image credit: To be revealed with the answer!

Update at 11:58 PM : Sorry about the delay, but as most of you have figured out, the correct answer is of course, Karachi Zoo. Thanks to Umair Mohsin for the image who uploaded it on Flickr yesterday. (more…)

Where in Karachi #121


A very easy one!

Where in Karachi #120

Where in Karachi 120

Where in Karachi # 119

Where in Karachi
Photograph By Ali Raza

Where in Karachi # 118

Maybe some one might like to take a crack at finding this easy location …

Where in Karachi 118

Where in Karachi # 117

Get out your thinking caps people, where in karachi have you seen this building? This week’s WIK is sent in by Jamal Shamsi. Lets see who can guess first.


Where in Karachi # 116 you consider yourself sharp & have a good memory tell us where you will find this beautiful architecture in Karachi. I shall include a hint if its difficult but i would love to see the observation power of our readers.

Where in Karachi # 115

Guess away!

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