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Rumour – breaking news

A local TV channel, today in breaking news, informed that the Uni-plaza building, Saddar was on fire.
Later this news was confirmed fake by the reporters who reached on spot to find the place as busy as ever and was announced on all radio stataions.I did not see the news on TV but heard it on FM-107 which did not disclose the name of teh TV Channel.
Crazy people creating a hoax.


More Generator Buying Guide

What’s the hottest (pun intended) selling item in the midst of load shedding and heat? A generator, off course. And how much does an average sherfu know about generators? Not much. So one of our readers, Abbas Malik, sent us his review of best generators available in market. This is knowledge sharing at its best. Very informative read. Thanks Abbas.
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Another Indifferent Labour Day?

While different countries observe Labour Day on different times of the year, vast majority do it on May 1st, and all do it to “celebrate the economic and social achievements of workers”. Its also a day where much is said of labour rights, and neglect and abuse of these rights, something that is widespread in our city Karachi, and indeed the whole country.
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Cumulative Sin

sin.jpgThis is not merely due to one father. It’s surely not a cruel mother’s sin. In each passing month we see more & more of this. The figure has reached an alarming 10-15000 thousand now. It looks uglier from the outside especially when the surroundings are beautiful asking many questions from all of us in a powerful but yet a silent tone. Many ignore it or steal their eyes. Few others curse the ones who are our last resort of criticism in our every issue, deliberately satisfying oneself with a thought that no, I have not part in this misery. A little deep insight reveals everyone’s part in it.

The next time you look at them try to remember if you had any part of sin in it.

(Image Credits : Fantaz – Farhan)
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And the verdict is in..

All the Karachiites who’ve lived in Saudi Arabia, specially in Jeddah, the opening of Al-Baik in North Nazimabad on 23rd February was the most exciting news of the year. The franchise was inaugurated by Mr Mustafa Kamal himself.
A day later, the excitement had died down after a lot of people have claimed that it is fake. One particular girl form my class who visited yesterday, was so furious that she wanted to sue the place. I don’t think you can do that in Pakistan. The fact that her phone got stolen just when she was leaving the place didn’t help either.

Has anyone else been there yet? How would you rate the place?


Value of life = Rs. 100?

How much more degraded can we get?! Making a human life equivalent to just a 100 rupees? In this case, just a simple scratch card!

Gul Mohammed, a resident of Umer Baloch Mohallah, Mominabad, recorded his statement with the Mominabad police station, saying that he had sold a scratch card worth Rs100 to the accused Fareed but, after some time of the sale, the accused with his friend came to his shop and argued that he had been given a fake card. After an argument, Fareed opened fired on Gul Mohammed and fled

Do the people who indulge in making fake scratch cards ever think of the consequences? The lives they ruin? The lives they END!



GEO Gumnaam’s Video: Episode 3 & 4

We had already mentioned about GEO TV’s program Gumnaam making waves. Those who had missed asked if the video can be found. Finally someone posted the video. The way the dalaal was talking about the people having 10 kids and selling one of them was so painful. A bitter reality. Read the text reel at the bottom to make any sense. The statement by Gumnaam that hamari hukumat bhi toh en gareebun ke naam per bheek maangti hai is a big slap to our gov. but a honest reality.
Video One : Gumnaam (Beggars Buying Kids) – episode 4

I have stopped giving these fakeer’s money anymore few years back. Specially those who have kids with them. The max. I do is get them food if they really need it. This video clearly shows how those kids have been bought & sold previously.
Video Two : Fake Fakeer – episode 3
The following second video is the previous fakeer’s deceitful sex with poor women. There was a good percentage censored for obvious reasons. For reason unknown the voice is not there but you can read out the sentence at the bottom.

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GEO, Gumnaam : Shocking 3rd episode

Update: 3rd Episode video
Image credit: GEO, Program link

Not many including me notice a few lines story in any Urdu daily’s backside page. But when a credible friend emailed me this piece I knew he must have done his homework before asking me for a post. Then it started. I saw the first episode & had to agree the man put his life in great danger trying to show us our society’s ugly face which we don’t want to see, discuss trying to be ostriches & satisfy ourselves with things like traffic, cricket & movies & parties. Personally, this guy looked to be a run away insider who had either decided to cancel the evil path or had entered into the black list of his own higher ups so he decided he is taking along everyone if he is going down. GOD knows.

I missed the 2nd one but the third one yesterday was a real shock. A fake peer fakeer raping innocent women (by deception or by force its simple rape if anyone thought it was sex considering the mental capacities of resistance of those innocent women) thanks to families, those believed in him, destroying their lives forever. There was definitely a lot of sound & video cut required yet it was clear on what’s going on. It’s ironic that women have to go to these fake fakeers as a hope to avoid our social & cultural evils. Later they end up destroying everything. The woman in first video was alone. Her family was bent upon having a second marriage for her husband if she couldn’t have a child.

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Police Statistics for Karachi..

as reported by them and reported here.

Read the complete article for more info, heres what caught my eye…

The Capital City Police killed 304 dacoits in 1,592 encounters from January 2002 to July 2006, in which 9,254 bandits were arrested while 106 police personnel lost their lives and 310 sustained injuries.

Of these 1,592 police encounters, only one was doubtful while rest of 1,591 proved genuine after the probe and inquiries.

DIG Administration of Capital City Police Karachi, Zafar Farooqui, said this while addressing a seminar entitled “Police Encounters: Allegations and Reality,” organised by Pakistan Press Foundation (PPF) at its Vicky Zeitlin Media Library on Thursday.

“During the same period, a total of 226 cases were registered against police officials under Police Order 2002 while 59 cases were registered against them on orders from the courts for violating rules and regulations, misconduct and negligence,” he said.

And on the issue of ‘fake encounters

DIG Farooqui rejected the allegation that most encounters were fake, saying that hardly one per cent of such encounters could be termed “fake or illegal” adding that probe has been ordered to look into such cases.

“Like in the recent encounter in which the police claimed to have killed notorious dacoit Mashooq Brohi, IGP Sindh had ordered an inquiry into the matter and a criminal case was registered against some officials involved in it,” he said.

Interestingly… on the same day, another article was also published in the same paper bashing the police service for its investigative skills.

Arrest of criminals, is not anything, but none of the investigative agencies have explored in-depth to reach the masterminds and financers of terrorist activities.

When Syed Kamal Shah, was the Provincial Police Officer (PPO) Sindh, Intelligence Collection Unit (ICU) had been established at the police station level. Those ICUs are very active even now, as whenever and wherever construction of a house starts, area police reach there and to collect their share.


Paki Media – Going Extreme

Alright now, it seems the paki media hasn’t matured yet and they seem not to be able to swallow the independence the government has given to them. I was watching the program “Criminals Most Wanted” on ARY ONE WORLD a day back and few scenes from the program were shocking. So much so that my young nephew started crying and my mom gave me a good bit of a lecture. Had it been a horror movie it would have been a different case but on TV and that too a paki TV channel with everyone knowing the mind set of our people it seemed too extreme.
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