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Under the veil of immamat

sometimes lurk the most dangerous of men! Over the years, i’ve seen and heard about stories relating to masjid officials involved in all kinds of sins from rapes to robbery and from slavery to even murder. Many a tmies, they get off scott free with nothing left behind except the crushed victims. With no kind of entry criteria required to become an imam and all the protection “religion” brings, what else can u expect.

Yesterday, a Pesh Imam was caught by the police at a checkpoint as he was fleeing after commiting a robbery. From his posession the following items were recovered. Gold ornaments, three cameras, eight mobile phones and one TT pistol. And on top of that, even the motorcycle he was driving was snatched from someone.


Tourist Sites in Karachi

Someone asked on Yahoo! Answers recently what were the tourist spots in Karachi. They come up with a comprehensive list of places which are classified as tourist spots, which is worth giving a look at if anyones planning to come this way. I know a lot of people have asked for this in the past, so im reproducing the list here as well. There are still a number of places which could be added here, but this list can get one started on their trip.

Credit: Yahoo! Answers

(The complete list follows after the jump)
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Marxism Day School: REASONS TO REVOLT

What: A full day of lectures, discussions and movies
When: 14 January 2007, Sunday
By: International Socialists (Pakistan)
Where: Irtiqa Institute, 2nd Floor, Al-Ahmad Mansion Opposite Bait-ul-Mukarram Masjid, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, University Road, Karachi.
Contact: or
Further Information: 0333-2298922
For How Much: Rs 50 for working people and Rs. 40 for students/unemployed
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Billboards: A Different Perspective

I remember I was told by the elders in my family that “when you are praying, try to remove all pictures from the same room and dont wear t-shirts with pictures on them”. Well.. I wonder if anyone notices this, but the mosque that I goto has billboards all around it and they have pictures on them and many times it happens that they come right infront of me and distract me. I think that the advertising companies should be ethical enough to remove all billboards with pictures on them from the possible-view of the namazis.


Aj Ka Nashta:

I had a heavy breakfast today. Some of you might call me mad because of the choice and the combination of it.
Chaye Paratha is a very popular breakfast in our part of the world. I particularly like having Chaye Paratha at a Pathan hotel. I do realize that they use churrbi *concentrated fat* to prepare the Paratha, but I swear its delicious. Pathan kay haath mein jaado hai. They make the finest chaye *its amazing how they manage to make such tea because of the number of times they use the same puttee (like over & over again)*. The Paratha is so oily that you have to use a piece of newspaper to lower its fat content. This particular paratha place is just in front of the Bait-ul Muqarram Masjid in Block 16 Gulshan-e-Iqbal. 
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S H Hashmi Passes Away

SH-Hashmi-Up.JPGA leading journalist of Karachi and the Managing Director of Orient McCann just passed away after a prolonged illness which was repeatedly complicated with bouts of Pneumonia and other complicating factors. Today at 7:45 pm he was pronounced dead at the Agha Khan Hospital.

His Namaz-e-Janazah is scheduled for tomorrow 21st March after Zuhr prayers at Sultan Masjid DHA. May his soul rest in peace.

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Nexus Autos Billboard

Has anyone noticed a new billboard that popped up a day back on Shahrai-Faisal near the Roomi Masjid Signal. It is quite simple image of a car hidden by a brilliant blue drape. I personally like the simplicity of the message, carries a far better impact than the other mysterious campaigns that we have seen in the recent past.

It is probably the anticipated launch of a new model 1000 cc locally built Chevrolet mini-car from Nexus Autos (The website sadly leads to a blind 404 error page but before it gets thrown into the 404 error dungeon the title reads as Nexus Automotive – Chevrolet Joy Teaser??? Whats up with that)

Donate for Pakistan


Where in Karachi # 35.


Donate here


Ways to help.

I found this organized list of some ways to help.

1)You may donate 3-Rs by typing “DONATE” and sending it to “436”. All money collected through SMS by Mobilink or Ufone, will be given to Mir Khalil Ur Rehman Foundation’s Relief Fund.

2)Donate to nearest EDHI center.

3)You may go and sumbitt money in any branch of the National Bank, MCB, United Bank, Allied Bank & Habib Bank Ltd. U can simply walk-in and submit, they’d guide you.
These donations would go directly to Govt’s relief fund for quake victims.

4)Bilal Masjid, New Garden Town, Lahore, is collecting monetray and/or Material donations.

5) MLK Foundation (Mir Khalil UR Rehman Foundation):

Pakistan EarthQuake Relief Fund
UBL 0102598-5
For International Transfers

6)Ary Digital advertised:

For the reliefs efforts and victims of earthquake please send your donations to

Khawaja Gareeb Nawaz Trust
Account # 010-4843-0
United Bank Limited

7) Pakistan-Canada Association

Royal Bank of Canada
Branch No: 05600
Transit No: 003
Account No: 1009067

8) Canadian Red Cross

9)Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) Donations to Victims of earthquake:

10) Oxfam is also collecting donations

11)Chk Payable to President of Pakistan Relief Fund
Address: Habib Allied International Bank Plc
97 Cannon Street London EC4N 5AE
Sort Code 60-95-11 A/C 04916670

12)PAF museum

13)Sergi organization.their tent is in front of Lal QILA


Papa Rulz?

A new set of billboards has recently sprung up around the city. The first one I saw today was on the do-talwar roundabout loudly proclaming PAPA RULZ. The next one that came to my attention was PAPA POWER placed on Shahrai Fasial next to Roomi Masjid. What’s up any ideas!!!


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