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KMB on Samaa Tv

Today a member of our KMB team Awab Alvi was invited on the Samaa tv talk show by “Faisal Qureishi” alongwith his father to talk about “Social awareness” and how the burgeoning elite of our society are accomplishing nothing by their actions for this country.

First of all, i would like to congratulate the Doc or both Docs in fact :), they did a fine job. Awab represented and argued his points well enough, his father obviously is no stranger to making good points on a forum like  Live Tv.

However as i watched the show and this is totally my own singular opinion. I came to realize that this show is less social reform and more political rant. That too of the most vile kind as the host does the ranting while the guests sit and are i guess supposed to nod their heads.

What is the benefit of such shows i wonder? Its the first time i have seen this show and probably the last time i will see it, because i do not see the point of it. Samaa is a relatively new channel and is getting quite popular in Karachi with its attempts at different sort of programming, but to me they have made a blunder with the plot of this segment atleast.

Anyways Big up Doc for representing Karachi and yourself well!!  Perhaps we can all just agree to disagree eh?

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