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Supreme Court rescues CDGK Land by cancelling Army Welfare Trust lease

pakistan-supreme-courtSupreme Court of Pakistan has canceled sub-leasing of 4.958-acre prime land in Karachi, meant for a playground, to the Makro Habib Store for commercial activity by the Army Welfare Trust (AWT). The court directed Makro Habib to remove its structures and installations from the playground within three-months, restore it to the same condition as existed on the date of the sub-lease and hand over its vacant possession to the City District Government, Karachi (CDGK).

The court held that the CDGK being the elected local government, representing the people, will develop and maintain the land as a playground or will allow its use for such other purposes permissible under the law. The court had taken suo moto notice against the establishment of Makro Habib Store on the playground. Later, a citizen-Mehfoozun Nabi of the affected area had also been impleaded as party in the matter. [Jang/News]


Hamara Karachi Musical Concert

Hamara Karachi festival ended with some fireworks and a musical concert last night. Thousands of Karachiites from different backgrounds came at seaview to enjoy a much needed entertainment, thanks to CDGK and all the people who organized it. It was even better last year but this one didnt disappoint as well. Apologies for not being able to get some snaps for fireworks as i had to rush but here are few to tease those who missed it :). Related

CNG Bus project for Karachi

CDGK recently announced (source link lost, apologies) that 50 CNG buses will start operating on different routes from March. Routes include Surjani  – Nazimabad – Tower and Surjani – SF – Tower. This should especially be a relief for those who use these routes daily. It’s a much required effort as public transport is in complete mess and buses already being driven on routes are poor in passenger service. It’s hoped that this time this will not meet the same fate as Green Bus project did. Two main issues are: Drivers not following route/bus-stop and lane and poor bus condition. Cost for overall project is 250 million PKR. Not sure if the CNG bus project listed here on CDGK website is the same one.

CDGK Fumigation schedule

Daily Jang

The State We Live in

I wasn’t going to post this up until later, but then I saw Afreen’s post on “Wake up and Smell the Rubble”… These were photographs I snapped when I was so frustrated trying to drive through the inner roads of Defence (the Green and Clean), where every major road was dug up.

11012008010-copy.jpgYou may want to argue that we live in a post-military dictatorship or in a crazy democratic state of mayhem, but the sad state of affairs is this – we’ve got more holes in the ground than the surface of the moon, and we seem to be okay with it. There are rallies and walks and protests to release the judges and make god knows what else right, but not one little picket when it comes to the stink and filth that is created around us. Not one worker, not one working bulldozer, and certainly not one protester screaming his frustration with what our streets have become. (more…)

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