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Youth Film Festival

Aga Khan Youth & Sports Board for Karachi organized Youth Film Festival on 7th and 8th August with an objective to give youth a platform to showcase their creative and cinematic abilities. The idea was to encourage original content rather than run of the mill kind of stuff.

IMG_1573The team worked for more than 3 months for conceptualization of the program and the participants made it a success with their hard work in less than three weeks. The participants included both amateurs and professionals. Each trying to make most out of their skills and appreciation or criticism they got would really help them to improve because the aim was to provide a platform rather than exclude anyone due to some lacking in any aspect of film-making. Believe in minds and not mindless entertainment! And to do the mindful and needful judgment, the jury consists of media personalities from Geo and Dawn News network.

I being a team member in all my limited capacity, photographer and audience at the same time, had a great time to see this event shine its glory. The movies which caught my attention personally:

In Drama, Sawaal by Zohair Alibhoy (student of Media Sciences) which questions on lost opportunities and discrimination against the lower segment of society. This movie was impeccable in acting, sound and screenplay. Makhee Bhaee by Danish Ali and Shahrukh Ali, a short experimental (made on handycam with funky chroma effects) having a fun take on how flies can be terrible nuisance and at the same time a fun ride, I know its hard to comprehend such sentence :p This movie proves that if you have creativity, nothing can stop the wonders. The ultimate survival by Lubna Ladhani was also a decent effort on issue of kidnapping and inspired from a real story, giving the message that it’s better to live in simplicity.

IMG_1480In Documentaries, KCR made by Alishan (a graduate of NAPA) which talks about Karachi Circular Buried Railway which is not in use and the rail track itself is worth billion of rupees. Two efforts by Sohail Noorani (Animator at Aaj TV Network) were impressive given that all work he did were on handycam. Dire but Truth, a short documentary on problem of asthama pertaining in sweepers and I Judge/I Act, a short drama about self-introspecton and guilt.

Animations were a real treat and each one of them stood to its merit. Especially Give me More by Sunny Sadruddin who studied at Vancouver Film School and In Search of the Light by Malik Gillani, a student of Karachi School of Arts. Both were amusing and thought provoking with technical brilliance.

In Music Videos, Alvida had a good concept while Josh by Safar Band brought some pumping patriotic music on the cards.

IMG_1673Flow of films with proper categorized slots and audience interaction could have been improved. Overall execution of the program was good and the platform deserves its due credit. The Awards Night is planned this week.

Here are the links of some videos that can also be viewed online:

In Search of The Light

Give me More!

Garlic Maniac


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