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Lest we forget

The 13th of August brought rain and some relief from the heat Karachi had been suffering for a while. As I made my way back from office thinking the usual thoughts of “god how to find less traffic” and “man are they  ever gonna fix anything in the KESC for the rest of us who do not know anyone in the government” I saw an accident on Shahra E Faisal.  A couple riding a motorbike slipped in the rain and got hurt as it skidded across the road.

Perhaps this was a rare occurrence but in that instant the entire line of cars braked and stopped. People ran out  and gave them water, someone called an ambulance and helped them in when it arrived, the guards outside Avari wheeled their motorbike to the side and promised to keep it safe for them in the parking till they came back. In about five minutes the traffic started again but my mind stopped back there.

We often tend to blame our country, we often tend to scream and cuss at our leaders but do we ever look into our ownselves and ask what we have ever done for this land? Do we even realize what our ancestors gave up when they arrived in Karachi?  Or how the people who lived here opened their arms to them.  My own family was sheltered by a Hindu one in the old saddar area of Karachi. My own parents traveled first to Bombay by train and after that horrifying journey boarded a steamer to come here with nothing but hope.

This accident showed me something, it showed the good of the common Pakistani, it gave me hope for this land. For even if our politicians leave no stone unturned to take us as far back as possible the people of this land are hard working, hearty and good folk and one day god willing we will make it somewhere.

So let us today make an oath, let us try till the next 14th of August to forget that we are Mohajirs or Pathans or Sindhis or Baluchis or Punjabis. Let us first try to make ourselves worthy of the freedom that so many died for! Let us first call ourselves Pakistanis and be proud of it. This world may heap it all on us, and land every blame at our doorstep but do not forget who we are, we are the flag bearers of a rich country, we carry the wealth of freedom!!

Long Live Pakistan & Happy Independence Day!!

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