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War rumours – Who is hearing what?

Not sure what others hearing but i am hearing (and reading) war rumours whose authenticity is not yet verified. Two incidents that made me make this post was 1. Saw 10-12 Huge Military trucks carrying small tanks, armoured vehicles and equipment last night on Shahra-e-Faisal. I immediately rang Raja who was also at SF then but didnt have a camera. The qafila was moving towards Karsaz ( i was at Nursery then) and 2. This this afternoon i heard a PAF plan sound coming from some distance on SF again (verified through BBC though it doenst mention KHI). I have been told by some CS people that people are requesting national songs as call back tunes on mobile. I also have some inside stories but wont share just to escape creating tension without much substance. Karachi being the main city, is very sensitive to any such event, if ever come GOD FORBID. What others hearing ?

In Other Blogs: Karachi ek maa hai, Bambai bichada hua beta.

I came across this blog by Samvartha ‘Sahil’, where he mentions a poem by Nida Fazil. 
 Here is the poem he mentions: 

” Karachi ek maa hai

Bambai bichada hua beta

yeh rishta pyar ka pakeezha rishta hai jise ab tak

na koi tod paaya hai

na koi tod paayega

na meri maa kabhi talwaar taane ran me aayi hai

na maine apni maa ke saamne bandook uthaayi hai

yeh kaisa shor-o-hangaama hai yeh kiski ladaayi hai

Karaachi ek maa hai. ”
                        Nida Fazli, 

Read the rest of his blog here.

Delhi and Karachi Together in One Voice


Every new advancement in technology opens new opportunities and new ideas immerge but some ideas are so fascinating that they make it to the history. One such amazing idea was experimented a few days back simultaneously at a Hotel in Delhi and at a local café “The Second Floor” in Karachi

The café was relived of all its furniture for the event and a floor seating was arranged. Seated in the corner on a slightly elevated stage were the Farid Ayaz and Abu Mohammad Qavvaal Party faced with a web camera and another web cam was aimed towards the audience.

On the wall were a large plasma and a projector screen showing a live views of the place where audience has to be seated in Delhi and the stage where the legendary Shubha Mudgal with her husband Dr. Aneesh Pradhan and other musicians were to perform shortly. (more…)

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