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KBCA and the Land Grabbing Contest

Witnessing myself the city being turned into a junkyard by KBCA+ leadership especially during and after 90s the city perfectly presents an orphaned child right now. Cowasjee article today (with a broken link in between, remove the space) and this one in JANG by Khalid Ansari is again an evident of the state of affairs. As if this city already had less issues to deal with now this latest menace.

Many people take KBCA related issues lightly and they don’t realize that it’s actually KBCA which seeds the first plant of destruction when it allows illegal constructions. With this come the issue of space, then the water electricity and gas and phone connections for that building/plaza, then the issue of digging roads and not filling em back. Then comes the issue of congestion in that area, and with it come illegal encroachments by pushcarts and then comes the issue of traffic in that area, suffocation and air-less space. This all makes that area a good ground for breeding of different diseases. Now imagine what this city has been turned into in last 25 years with such a huge scale of illegal (and sub standardized) constructions and occupations. Is there any hope of a reversal of all this to bring the old face back?

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