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In Headlines for a Bad Reason

Is sad to note that Karachi is in headlines, again for a bad reason. When i first saw these karola police i asked my friend what he thinks about it. His reply was practical and blunt, he said gadhay ko karola mei bithane se wo afsar nai bun jata. I inquired if he thinks our police is a donkey-group. He said, no one is bothering to ponder upon the root of the problem, much emphasis is on cosmetics. The primary focus should have been personality building of these policemen, who are nothing more then “legal terrorists” for a shareef-un-nafs on the street. Since slavery is part of our genes for 6 decades now, we have decided to blindly follow the west in aspects which are more of a show than substance in our case.jang-khiWhere is the training part? where is the elimination of  prevalent feudal “thana culture”, where is the need to bring ordinary policeman at par with best salary packages ( i personally think that our police should be given double the benefits as to what our Army is enjoying since our police is at war for last 62 years and our Army has just left its barracks after 3 decades ). There isn’t a slightest of hint of any improvement in police at root level. And this is not just about police, its about the whole security apparatus. The fact the all successive corrupt gov has cleared themselves of any responsibility w.r.t the life and property of ordinary citizens, the onus was shamelessly shifted to private security guards and though they are doing a good job but , we can come across something like this as well. Someone mentioned on twitter yesterday that there are around 80k private security guards in Karachi. That is almost 3 times the police which basically means our gov’s have left us at the helm of luck for our safety.

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