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Long March begins under section 144

Long march begins today from Karachi as section 144 is in place. The so called democratic setup has decided to crack down any attempt by people to use their DEMOCRATIC RIGHT. While criminals and gangs can roam around freely people cant protest and the infamous pretext is same, to safeguard the life and property of the ordinary man, who is no where in gov. priorities that remained busy distributing ministries for an year now. Our predictions regarding a corrupt setup after elections last year came very much true. The NROrified leadership is heading good way to sink whatever left while a militant group is in coalition to support it in Sindh. No law bears anyone from peaceful protest but the fact that current leadership is a den of corrupt, incompetent, selfish and opportunist gangs proves that RULE OF LAW and JUSTICE are a far cry here. JC in his recent article hinted that REHMAN DAKAIT from Liyari may be ZARDARi’s man to disrupt lawyers movement and with our ever capable police i hardly see anything peaceful coming in lawyers way especially when establishment is itself CORRUPTED while Washington also says that “current democratic setup should continue” signaling that they are also with ZARDARi as he is doing well to beat Musharraf in Puppet competition. While gov shakes hands with MILITANTs from swat, its afraid of few thousand unarmed lawyers, proving my point that Mr. Musharraf had laid the foundation of politics of gun (remember May 12 ??) that dictates that peaceful movements will be crushed and those who take up arms will be negotiated. [Image: PKpolitics].

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