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Slumdog Millionaire in Karachi?

Spoiler Alert: For those who still haven’t seen the movie, the post may reveal some of the plot. Read at your own risk!

A movie has multi-fold purposes. Some movies entertain, andsome movies educate. Still others make you think. Slumdog Millionaire, a movie shot in the slums of Mumbai, did a little of all of that. As the movie unreeled, telling the story of a street urchin who goes on to become a millionaire, I could’t help but place the boy in Karachi and wonder if his destiny would have been written any differently. (more…)

In Other Blogs: Karachi ek maa hai, Bambai bichada hua beta.

I came across this blog by Samvartha ‘Sahil’, where he mentions a poem by Nida Fazil. 
 Here is the poem he mentions: 

” Karachi ek maa hai

Bambai bichada hua beta

yeh rishta pyar ka pakeezha rishta hai jise ab tak

na koi tod paaya hai

na koi tod paayega

na meri maa kabhi talwaar taane ran me aayi hai

na maine apni maa ke saamne bandook uthaayi hai

yeh kaisa shor-o-hangaama hai yeh kiski ladaayi hai

Karaachi ek maa hai. ”
                        Nida Fazli, 

Read the rest of his blog here.

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