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Rehman Dakait Killed

Rehman dakait , the Liyari Nuisance is killed in an encounter with police while coming back from Hyderabad in Steel town area More. Reports of some violence, read here. What is strange is the 3-day mourning announced by ” peace committee” man Zafar Baloch. I mean to mourn a dakait !!! . Tells you enough about the general psychology as to what category of people are heroz here.

Lyari operation begins

A few days ago all the shopkeepers of Lyari a downtrodden area of this metropolis were handed chits. Each chit contained an amount which was to be collected later by the members of two gangs that operate there. Upon much hue and cry by these poor shop owners the government has finally taken action.

The whole area of Lyari is divided amongst the Ghaffar Zikri and Rehman Dakait gangs, they collect bhatta, run diesel from Gwader and engage in the drugs trade openly and without fear of punishment. They also provide a safe haven for most ransomists who kidnap people and keep them in Lyari till the ransom is received.

2 days ago, the rangers entered the narrow lanes of this area and set up pickets and are now carrying out a siege and search mission to recover kidnapped persons, arms and drugs as well as drug traffikers. Finally someone is doing something for the residents of Lyari, I hope after this the authorities will shift their focus on a city wide scale as well to counter the spurt of increasing robberies and crime.

The criminals of this city need to be taught that crime does not pay so that new entries into such gangs can be eliminated.

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