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Lackluster retail activity

Usually when Ramzan starts the streets of this city, or the main shopping streets at least light up with festivity. Eid which follows the month of Ramzan is basically one event which every single family in Pakistan celebrates according to their own means.

However such is not the case this time as people in Karachi whatever class they belong to are so badly hit with inflation (around 27% since june) that they can hardly afford to make ends meet let alone go around spending on new things for Eid.

This off course translates into disaster for the retail sector of our cities economy as ramzan is supposed to be peak season for everyone from the corner grocery store to the bangle walla to the shoe shops to the brand name stores etc etc.

We have already lost almost all of our cities industrial sector due to bad governance and a worsening security situation plus high costs of doing business. If the retail/consumer sector follows next I wonder what will be left in this city of ours??

The streets are deserted at night and the city of lights is darkened by despair, will there be someone to save this dazzling metropolis???

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