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Most popular ride of Karachi

Rickshaws come in handy when there is a ban on double sawari on bikes and when car burning is at peak, just
as it was yesterday across much of Karachi. I love Rickshaws. Do you?

Rickshaw School Van!

Personally, I feel this as very dangerous but I am not sure whether their parents are aware or not about this kind of stylish riding. Who should be responsible in case of any disaster? Parents, Rickshaw driver, or children?

Rickshaw School Van

Himat hai tou paas kar, warna bardasht kar!

We always complain and vain about Karachi’s transportation system and here I am doing that again. I was traveling in a public bus. We know their conditions but some are so bad (like the one in which I was commuting) that you never know if flooring would collapse and your feet might touch the ground. Then one rickshaw literally skipped the chance of accident with the bus and it’s side mirror only got affected or else it would have rock n’ roll-ed on the ground. Btw I love Rickshaws but I equally value safety. Motorbikes walon ke liye tou my lips are sealed.

Then most of us Karachites don’t have any civic sense and many of us don’t even know how to drive, forget the etiquette. Now during such incidents, I sometimes wonder why is it that we get silent after bomb blasts in Karachi. Why are there no reservations at channels to show dead bodies? May be we don’t value human life or maybe the apathy in us has deepen its roots.

Altaf Hussain as a CNG Rickshaw driver…

I was thinking what would become of Karachi and the green CNG rickshaws, (legacy of debunked General & President Musharraf) if Altaf Hussain, Pir of London, Imam of Mohajirs of Karachi, were to suddenly transform from being a leader of MQM into an erstwhile rickshawala.

First, he won’t get any license. PPP wants all Sindhis, mostly un-educated and belonging to interior, to do everything. From sweepers to customs officers at port, to PIA’s various GMs, and the President of the god-damn country.

If in case he gets the license, he will do lot of things.


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