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Lion’s Anyone?

Not being satisfied by keeping birds and goldfish in their houses anymore Karachi wallas have now resorted to the import and illegal keeping of pets like Lions, Panthers etc to show off their newly acquired wealth and status.

These animals are mostly smuggled in through our grand airport at Karachi, remember how the deportees broke loose there? and are then delivered to their owners home. Two companies are operating in this regard one with offices in Defense and the second with offices in F.B area

Conservation has no place in our society and thus we are along with the SWD (Sindh Wildlife Department) happily looking the other way as these maginificent beasts are being escorted to their cages in posh gardens to be shown off at high teas and such. This is also a dangerous activity as recently PESCHS was in uproar over two lions which escaped from their cages and were seen roaming the streets.

So before we convert our gardens into minizoos and play havoc with the life of fellow citizens by keeping such dangerous carnivorous pets can we stop and think a little? Can the SWD please also do something in this regard as some of the species being smuggled in are endangered.

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