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Violence and aftermath – Time for a change

Part II : The Problem

As the reality comes closer (15 deaths as of last report) and it occurs to this city that ONE MORE time, for history’s sake we gave this leadership ONE MORE opportunity to rule us and like it was expected they failed again. This takes the discussion back to what’s actually wrong with the people who rule us. This time they came through a SO-CALLED democratic process known as elections. So how elections could results in a setup that is more incompetent than ever. This also raises the question as to does election help cleansing or help corrupt reach power. I, along with many were few who strongly opposed the feb 18 elections and at least I was confident (and it proved once again) that these elections will simply result in reputation of the faces we badly require to get rid of. I waited very patiently to tell my friends who think that democracy is all about voting and FULLSTOP. What they lack is their understanding of democracy as a MACHINE that can deliver depending upon who is running that machine. The machine itself is nothing. If you put an SHO under a dakku how can you expect peace in a locality and then argue that democracy did not help. I believe with conviction that democracy, as a SYSTEM never ever came at first place here. For us to say democracy has arrived there has to be a minimum shape of it that can be seen functioning. Let’s start with basics here:
Starting from a VOTE how many of our voters (since much of the hoop hoola in jungle by these parties is about the number of votes also infamously known as awaami himayat) fulfill the following simple criteria required for a vote: (more…)

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