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Violence and aftermath – Time for a change

Part I : The Background

This had to happen, it was meant to. The ground was all set, the preparations ready and the city, like an orphan at the helm of few terrorist wings of some political parties who keep churning out some nonsense political agendas, and a cover up with dodging words like “talibanisation” , “ethnicity”, “india ki sazish”, “democracy”, “awaam ki taqat”, “land grabbers”, “shaheed” . . .¬† ETC, words you keep hearing them as their answers to almost all questions. Bring on any TV program, any anchor and any question and you will find these words in their answers. For ordinary man these answer are satisfactory and so he keeps believing them every time he goes for vote and every time he is fooled. He is fooled by the ALLADIN lamp known as DEMOCRACY. DEMOCRACY that never came at first place ever, to begin with. Democracy is not a medicine that will react instantly. Its a seed, and so like all seeds it needs water,air,sun etc to become a TREE. To add more confusion we have some self CERTIFIED religious thekedaars telling us how to pray, walk, dress in the name of shariah. A shariah that has 70 odd interpretations and everyone is hell bent upon eliminating all others by their self proclaimed divine authority. This circus of political deception, dishonest leadership, incompetent religious ulema is continuously adding more misery to the ordinary man, who HIMSELF is THE most responsible unit for his and this city’s state, as it stands now.

Even an animal changes its path once¬† deceived on one route and can understand that this route is not meant for my objective. Why is it then that the ordinary man in this city keeps electing these people, who lack competency, honesty, loyalty and the vision to lead. They are all selfish, some natural jokers and some trained by their parties, some fool using religion some do it using ethnicity and yet an ordinary man doesn’t get it and so he is paying price for his own choice.

Is it not the time he awaken to the fact that like a human body, we need fresh blood. The old blood is cancerous with zaati, siyasi, mzhabi, firqawarana and lisaani mafadaat. They are all of the same circus only with different skill sets. Its quite possible that there would be some good souls between them too but they are POWERLESS and the decision making is mostly done by the evils and not the few saints. We can differentiate those few good men but cant allow their parties to be elected again as too much time is lost and too much blood at our hands.

Time has come for a change . . .

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