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Wedding waste

The winter month of december is ending in its full and nippy glory here in Karachi and the never ending series of weddings just keeps going on and on and on. Not only are the residents of this city being made to suffer due to 12 hour load shedding in these cold and desperate times but they also have to lie awake listening to band baja’s, firing and fire works of each and every capacity accompanied by loud and vlugar Indian music and dhols in the middle of the night.

When will this all stop? Each year everyone who is going to get married does their best to schedule a date in this month and then proceeds to indulge in the most possible waste of money that they can manage. It starts from exorbitant amounts spent on clothes and jewelry to crazy decorations to the biggest waste of them all, the food that is leftover after these weddings. I remember a time when 3-4 dishes would be good enough for any palette but unfortunately in the race to outdo one another we have turned elegance to debauchery at the buffet.

Have we ever paused to think what any family has to go through these days to manage a “decent” wedding for their offspring? Not only is a hell of a lot of food just thrown away but this is being done in a time where most of us cannot even afford to waste anything at all. The recent and insane rise in prices of edibles in this city means that caterers which used to charge 250 to 300 rs a head do not even blink in offering the same menu for 500-650 rs a head.

Cities all over Pakistan have adopted the one dish rule for example Lahore and Faisalabad where this is being enforced to a large extent by the law enforcement and marriage halls. Why can we not implement such a law for Karachi which limits not only the number of dishes kept in a wedding banquet, but also the amount of noise one can generate and uptill what hours.

If we can control the amount of food consumption and wastage in our weddings perhaps this will reduce the artificial levels of demand in the local market and bring down the prices of edibles to the benefit of us all.

I appeal to the city government to make and enforce the one dish rule as well as a noise pollution rule for us Karachites and enforce it with its full power to ensure both the regular supply of edibles in the local market and a peaceful nights sleep for all of us, even if it is in complete darkness.

Punishment to those breaking this rule should be to consume their offered buffet for one week straight while listening to the nerve racking sounds of pappu can’t dance salaa!

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