Earth Quake Joint Action Committee (Pakistan) Relief Committees

Thank God for bloggers, I just got this really long list of contact info from someone’s comment box! A network of NGOs have organized themselves into various divisions, each handling a specific target. The main address for the NGO is:

SUNGI – Foundation
Earth Quake Relief Activities Secretariat, Islamabad
Ph. 2282481-2, Fax. 2856494/2250159

Earth Quake Joint Action Committee (Pakistan) Relief Committees

Contact List

Relief Activities Secretariat
Francisco D’sa 03009562063
Naeem Iqbal 03005164530
Raiz Ahmad 2282481-2
Fatima Shah 03008507160

Human Resource Mobilization Com.
Basil Baqai 03005275273
Murtaza Noor 03005295442
Yasmin Zaidi 03005001769
Asif Awan 03005081965
Abdullah 03005229418
Tahira Abdullah 03008545171
Hameed Ullah Khan 03005202605
Khaula Niazi 03215029117

Logistics Committee
Saadia Mumtaz 03205118885
Aftab Iqbal 03335533055
Arifa Mazhar 03008505185
Aashiq 03006987941
Shammas-ud-din 03204509010
Humera Niazi 03455055983

Shelter & Utensils Committee
Arzo 03008560059
Azra 03005275273
Asim Nawaz 03005336816

Medicines & Toiletries Committee
Zartash from Sache 03008500536
(A member from CSC)
Dr. Zarina Salamat 4456700
Shahid Minhas 03005136763
Haroon Nasir 03335610562

Food Committee

Tazeen / Ujala Qadir (Yet to be confirmed)
Nasreen Sultana 03455239236
Sapna Malik 03005019445
Mariam 03005050320

Clothing & Warmer committee
Rabbia 03215301529
Pervaiz Tufail 03005182696
Asma Khan 03008542141
Zahra Khan 03218542141
Christine 03005000558

Counseling Committee
Shabana Arif 051-2851886
Fozia Minnalah 03009854799
Maria Rasheed 03005008716

Finance Committee
Sajida Awan 03335139618
Mohsin Babbar 03005195658
Naheed Aziz 03005002244
Humera Malik 03008543074
Riffat Durrani 03335105683
Fauzia Javed 051-2278134

Media Committee

Mohsin Babar 03005195658
Shamil Shams 03009205224

Collection Point Committee
Shahbaz Malick 03004333256

Supplies Needed:

Shrouding materials
Note: Needed professions include: general & orthopedic surgeons, counselors, physicians, rescue professionals.

1. Tents
2. Reinforced plastic sheeting (billboard skins are also being stitched to make tents)
3. Tarpaulins

1. Water purification tablets.
2. Life saving drugs.
3. Vaccines for malaria, cholera, typhoid, influenza.
4. Pain killers including strong ones like morphine derivatives, tremadol, pethadine, kinz .
5. Antibiotics e.g. tetnus, amoxil, gentamycin.
6. IV cannulas
7. IV Drip sets
8. IV drips: normal saline, ringerlactate
9. Local anesthetics (injections)
10. Cotton bandages, cotton.
11. Surgical instruments: e.g needle holders, forceps, tweezers.
12. Suturing materials, Skin staples.

Clothing and Warmers
1. Blankets/quilts
2. Beddings
3. Sweaters
4. Shoes
5. Rain coats

1. Jerricans (large plastic cans that hold 20 liters of water or other liquids)
2. Crockery
3. Buckets

1. Tissues
2. Soaps
3. Dettol (antibacterial cleaners)
4. Towels


1. Rice
2. Sugar
3. Flour (Atta)
4. Onions
5. Potatoes
6. Cooking oil
7. Tea
8. Milk (tetra packs or powder)
9. Safe drinking water
10. Cooked Food

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  1. Sabeen Mahmud (unregistered) on October 12th, 2005 @ 2:57 pm

    Have “lifted” some of this info for

    Please add the link to your list and will add yours.


  2. Kashif (unregistered) on October 12th, 2005 @ 8:24 pm

    Putting this on my site too.

  3. Naeem Tyab (unregistered) on December 21st, 2005 @ 1:13 am

    Emergency Relief is an account of a humanitarian aid trip to the earthquake effected area of Northern Pakistan by seven

    doctors between 9th till 16th November 2005.

    Emergency Aid (EA) was set up by Mr. Naeem Tyab in October 2005 after seeing the effects of the Pakistani earthquake. The aim

    was to get medical relief to those that need it most.

    ER is a volunteer based organization. It is funded through volunatry donations and is in the process of setting up a charity

    for that purpose.

    ER also works in conjunction with local aid agencies, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and the Pakistani military.

    Naeem Tyab

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