Donate for fuel.

Fakhr e Alam was on ARY TV last night, where he and the CEO of ARY made an appeal for donations for fuel – they have arranged for a helicopter, and need to utilize it to its fullest, which can only be possible if they have adequate money for the fuel. Please get in touch with the relevant authorities at the PAF Museum if you wish to contribute towards the fuel cost.

To supplement this news item, I just got this via e-mail:

A girl named Vard called – her cell phone number is: 0301 2566706. She says that they urgently need money to pay rent for the trucks and the fuel they’d consume to transfer goods from PAF. I asked her if she is working for someone officially since people won’t give money unless they are sure of who it’s going to. She said that she will only be guiding people and the payment would be made to the Officials present at the PAF.

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