NCA Relief Fund – Update

Just got this via a comment – please check here and here for information on how to donate to the NCA Relief Fund

From NCA Trust Fund:

Here’s an update on what we have managed so far, and what we NEED:

NCA has sent 13 trucks to Mansehra, Muzaffarabad and Bagh so far, carrying doctors, tents, and medical supplies. Doctors and medical supplies have been air-dropped to the medical camp in Bagh.
We desperately need tents, as the amazing, unscrupulous tent manufacturers have raised their prices by a full 1000 Rupees, which is totally ripping our bank account.
We have first-hand information from our Kashmiri classfellows that have been up and down with almost every consignment and here is the latest information:

1) Please don’t send any more trucks, as the roads have been heavily affected by the quake, aftershocks and rain, and the heavy trucks are causing further damage. They are causing massive traffic jams, which hinders the movement of trucks, coasters and ambulances that are coming back from the affected areas carrying the seriously wounded down the Muzaffarabd/Murree highway to Abbottabad and further on.

2) Too many well-intentioned volunteers are just proving to be a massive liability for relief teams at present, as most that wish to tag along are unprepared to handle the extremely physically and mentally taxing conditions they will face once up there. Those that still insist on going are being given vaccinations ASAP at Rahim Hospital accross the NCA Hostel and given basic fist aid training for a day. We are still not sending volunteers that we feel will not be able to cope with carrying heavy weights (20-35 kg), walking in the mountainous terrain, stand the cold and sleep deprivation and deal with even seeing the dead and injured (let alone help). Medical students/doctors who know how to atleast clean and stitch up a wound, identify fractures and hook up IV’s please get in touch ASAP.

3) Air-lifting supplies and doctors, setting up medical camps and evacuating the injured from unreachable surrounding areas by helicopter is number one priority at present. As there are villagers managing the 20-30 mile walk on damaged roads from remote villages (consisting of about 125 families) to Bagh and Balakot with information about the numbers wounded and dead are repeatedly telling us that absolutely NO help of any kind has reached them yet. Those that survived in their villages are sleeping in the open and are now resorting to eating mud and grass.

Things are getting desperate. We are now directing our resources to fuelling the helicopters (which are based in Islamabad), sending out vaccinated doctors and prepped volunteers with enough medical supplies to last atleast 4-5 days out to Islamabad, and purchasing tents and waterproofing. We have received first-hand reports of mountains of dry food and clothes just lying untouched in Balakot (which has become a dumping ground for relief goods, with nobody to distribute or even recieve them- 90% of the inhabitants have been wiped out according to one doctor’s estimates).

Please email, or call Fahad on 0300 413 4945 if you have any questions or think of any suggestions.

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