Satellite Images of Muzzafarabad

Just got this via e-mail (thank you K):

If your organization or any other Pakistan earthquake relief effort that you know of can use high quality, updated satellite images of the Muzzafarabad region (not commonly available on the Internet), they can be downloaded from the following links:

Large post-quake image

Large pre-quake image

The images are very detailed and thus about 34MB each. About 30 seconds after you open the site, a link will pop up which you can download the images through. These maps have proved very helpful to some relief agencies, please forward the links to anyone who can utilize them.

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  1. Saadie (unregistered) on October 15th, 2005 @ 4:20 pm

    ok these emails keep coming in, this one is from a guy who works in google.

    AoA everyone, Please forward this information to people who may need it for relief effort planning.

    You will need to download Google Earth (and a high speed internet connection) to use the information provided in this mail. Google Earth can be downloaded for FREE from The name “keyhole” used in various links is the old name of this product.

    1- Useful Pakistan earthquake photos and links.

    Links on this page point to KMZ files. You can download them and view them on Google Earth as overlays. For example, one of the KMZ file can show names of 4000 places in the earthquake affected areas. Another one has post-earthquake high res imagery for Muzaffarabad.

    2- High res satellite images (Buffa and Mansehra neighborhood) (Islamabad and Pindi)

    These images are not integrated into the map and you need to click on each red dot and then click on Load link to load the image.

    This data was made available by the voluntary effort of people in the Google Earth team.

    3- You can keep reading this forum for updated data availability on current events. There have been several posts about Asian earth quake.

    4- Bookmark following page for updates on Google Earth maps database.

    If you need more images/data please feel free to post on these bulletin boards. Also, the data about various relief camps, incidents as collected by various relief organizations can also be shared as a KMZ file with other people through these forums. One such example is: (UN damage assessment)



    PS: For people who don’t already know, Google Earth now has very high resolution images ( 0.7m/pixel ) of Karachi.

  2. nadeem abbas bhatti (unregistered) on October 19th, 2005 @ 1:51 am

    Touba Or Technology?


    Thousands of people have died or are injured because of the devastation caused by the quake on the 8th of this month. Millions are made homeless. The images of this catastrophe make my heart bleed. I keep asking myself and the Almighty, Why all these people have to die like this? Kids trapped under the debris, some might have died instantaneously, and others might have died waiting for someone to rescue them. Mothers, sisters and other family members helplessly starring at the debris where their loved ones were buried, praying desperately for some messiah to come down and deliver them, but instead it was rain and hailstones which came down from the sky to add more misery to their already shattered lives.

    The irony is that it all happened in Ramadan, supposed to be the month of blessings? THE MONTH OF BLESSINGS????????? Supposedly Satan is locked during this month but the reports of looting, the attitude of the transporters and the curfew in Gilgit city tell a different story.

    Yesterday I read an article by a molvi sahib in which he stated, it [the quake] is the wrath of God because of our sins, a warning for us and we must pray and beg for forgiveness day and night?? [Shouldnít we be making efforts to rescue and help the victims?] And why should innocent kids or any other person suffer for my sins? According to Quran, every soul will be accountable for his or her own deeds only. Why would God bury thousands of innocent kids to warn sinful people like us? What about precision killings of the sinners only? Does God lack that technology? These are the questions which only molvi sahib can answer.

    If all this misery and pain is Godís will and not a natural disaster, then sorry to say, I will have to rethink my concept of a benevolent and merciful God.

    Yes as Muslims it is our duty to pray and beg the almighty to forgive us, but is that all that is needed day and night?

    Can we remove the debris and rebuild with repentance and prayers only? Or we need heavy machinery, planning and funds for that?

    Can we deliver food to the victims or treat their wounds with our repentance and prayers only? Or we need trucks, helicopters, hospitals and medicine for that?

    The ground reality is, No angels came down from the sky to help, instead the angels have come from different cities of our country and from different nations of the world to help ease the sufferings of the victims. I salute these great humane beings.

    Before the big flood, hazrat Noah [as] was commanded by Allah to construct a ship [no help from angels] so that he and those who follow may survive the flood.

    The holy prophet [pbuh] and his followers had to dig a trench with their own hands [without the help of Angels] to defend medina from the attackers in the battle of trench.

    Before the battle of uhad fifty archers [not angels] were placed on a strategic hill as a defensive measure with instructions from the holy prophet [pbuh] not to leave their positions under any circumstances. They disobey and the Muslim army suffered many casualties, the holy prophet [pbuh] was also injured.

    Lessons to be learned are that even the prophets of Allah had to be fully prepared to meet the challenges [where it was required to build a ship, Allahís prophet build a ship and not a trench. where a trench was needed, a trench was dug and no efforts were made to build a ship] So its careful planning [according to the situation] and it execution that determines success and failure.

    There are lessons to be learned from this catastrophe, yes we must ask Allah to forgive us, to forgive us for our failure to meet such challenge, for not having enough helicopters for rescue and aid supply, for not acquiring the technology that the rescue teams from west have, for not understanding the laws and forces of nature, for the lack of planning and coordination etc

    God has blessed us with a brain to use, to explore, to study and unlock the mysteries of life, the earth and the cosmos. God requires from us to use it properly, to understand our environment and to fully prepare our self for the challenges.

    I think the time has come to redefine some of our commonly accepted beliefs that are based on assumptions rather then reality.

    I am overwhelmed by emotions at the moment, the agony of thousands of people and specially the kids, has shattered me apart [i just canít see innocent kids in pain], please forgive me if I have crossed the limits in the portrayal of my emotions, I have no intentions of hurting the feelings of others specially when it comes to belief.

    May Allah bless us all.

  3. alias (unregistered) on October 19th, 2005 @ 3:06 am

    I think this one got missed out: Viewer

    What most people don’t know is that the PK govt. demanded the blocking of these hi-res satellite images. Read here.

  4. M Usman (unregistered) on October 20th, 2005 @ 2:12 pm

    does any body have the earth quake sattlite images in the tiff format along with geographical refrence , i mean Longitude and lattitudes .

  5. WAHEED (unregistered) on October 20th, 2005 @ 11:23 pm

    Hi this page shows your latest updates about any disaster in world you can see here very good view of Pakistan earthquake on 08-10-05

  6. Waheed (unregistered) on October 20th, 2005 @ 11:27 pm

    HI this is map indicates from where first earthquake happend and its on 07-10-05 and its i dont know why didnt goverment take any action on it

  7. imran zafar (unregistered) on October 25th, 2005 @ 11:57 am

    i have satelitte images muzaffarabad georefrenced if any one want these images can email me at

  8. NADEEM ABBAS BHATTI (unregistered) on December 6th, 2005 @ 12:39 am

    Peace all,

    I think these are the fundamentals rules for an ideal society, the essence of Quran.

    [2]- that YE DO GOOD TO PARENTS-[6:151]
    [3]- that YE SLAY NOT YOUR CHILDREN because of poverty-[6:151]
    [4]- that YE SLAY NOT THE LIFE which Allah hath made sacred-[6:151]
    [5]- Lo! Allah enjoineth JUSTICE and KINDNESS, and GIVING to KINSFOLK and forbiddeth lewdness and abomination and wickedness -[16:90]
    [6]- GIVE FULL MEASURE and FULL WEIGHT IN JUSTICE, and wrong not people in respect of their goods. And do not evil in the earth, causing CORRUPTION- [11:85]
    [7]- nor do evil in the land WORKING MISCHIEF-[26:183]
    [9]- Don’t DEFAME, INSULT, SPY on, or BACKBITE one another-[49:11/12]
    [10]-. Alms are for the POOR and NEEDY, to free CAPTIVES and DEBTORS, and to help WAYFARERS-[9:60]
    [11]- DO JUSTICE THEREUNTO, even though it be (against) a kinsman-[6:152]
    [12]- Repel evil with that WHICH IS BEST-[23:96]
    [13]- if anyone earns a fault or a sin and throws it on to one that is innocent He carries (on himself) (both) A FALSEHOOD and a FLAGRANT SIN-[4:112]
    [14]- KING WORDS AND THE COVERING OF FAULTS are better than charity followed by injury-[2:63]
    [15]-. O ye who believe! GUARD YOUR OWN SOULS-[5:105]
    [16]- Be not like those WHO ARE DIVIDED AMONGST THEMSELVES-[3-103]
    [17]- Don’t confuse TRUTH with FALSEHOOD or knowingly conceal the truth-[2:242]
    [18]- break not your oaths after the ASSEVERATION OF THEM-[16:91]
    [19]- Do not fight WARS OF AGGRESSION-[2:190]
    [20]- There is NO COMPULSION IN RELIGION.-[2:256]

    Or are there any more?
    God bless you all.

  9. tashi (unregistered) on January 16th, 2006 @ 10:57 am

    we should touba as well as use technology to help the earth quake survivors +the most important thing is that we should keep touba in our heart while doing anything.

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