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Donate today! We have a target to get around 999 contributions of at least $5 each in six days – when the fund closes. (, the operator, is time-limited.) Make a donation. Then take this poster, and pass it on to friends, put this up in your university, school, or office notice board. Circulate it in Pakistani communities in USA, UK, Australia, Canada – where this fund works.

The fund is managed by HelpPakistan.Net via the fundraiser More info here.

What’s HelpPakistan.Net done? Where are we going?
Inspired by Dr. Saab Teeth Maestro’s HelpPakistan Blog, now graduated to, HelpPakistan.Net was created on Oct 10, 2005 primarily to solve the Google AdSense problem with the blog. But that night, my research continued, I found more helpers online (Auf and Faraz)… and was set up to lead to a wikispace. A trip two days later to PAF Museum base camp II led into another direction: to Lead Citizen Volunteers.

Amid the chaos, where I thought for an hour I had no use, we eventually evolved into a team named Operation Labbaik. I started off by barking orders at a bunch of guys who didn’t realize I wasn’t, like, the authority! Then I used my theater training to shout a little more. Arrange! Sort! You: handle water. You: label in Urdu and English. You: what are you doing? Go join the Rations team. Guy in red shirt: lead the Energy Team (candles, matches, torches…). Sir: you hold this cardboard and stand here. It read “Bath & sanitary items.”

Our “training team” – including me and Kiran recruited and rapid-trained volunteers. By the end of four hours, we were leading over 150 volunteers in two small tents, including the human supply chain. We were organized, and faster. It came to the point that we were assigned the mike in the chaotic control center to control the mob… The word spread and next day, Oct 13, Radio 91 RJ Omar Bangash gave us a surprise call and put Labbaik on air!

In less than a week, Operation Labbaik has organized the PAF camps rather well. We don’t deal with everyone, but we have helped the Army at the base. We have now been given private operating space in Malir Cantt and a truck. Our aim is to LEAD CITIZEN VOLUNTEERS and provide advisory to NGO’s, citizens, and the army. Our ground team has made and executed a Camp Management Plan. Noman, Rafay, Sohail, Khurram, Faizan, Omer Khan, Sarah, Kiran… the leaders… some of thousands of volunteers who are working with tremendous energy and now organizing. (We lost Kiran and Mishal after the first day. If you’re reading this, or know a Kiran with long hair who told you this kinda story, please bring that excellent organizer here.)

We are also promoting other efforts, and basically taking care of unattended volunteers and channelizing them to existing sources. There have been some excellent efforts in this regard elsewhere, and we aim to partner with and support them. More on HelpPakistan.Net, the evolving portal for citizen volunteers.

You may like this: The portal uses the “wiki” technology – which makes it editable by anyone for rapid coordination and info evolution.

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  1. Teeth Maestro (unregistered) on October 18th, 2005 @ 11:42 am

    RAMLA – What a poster !!! I am proud that this banner will surely tickle even the most reluctant donor to come out for Pakistan. Almost have the urge to copy it (we won’t) but it is JUST CRAZY BRILLIANT.

    I hope your campaign does reach its goal of 5000 – IT MUST. We have generated upwards of $2100 and counting inshallah we too will stand proud to have helped Pakistan out of this tragedy

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