Thank you God :)

Its been 9 days since the earthquake, and the army continues to find survivors. Thank you God :)

From The News:
ISLAMABAD: Army rescuers on Monday saved two children from the mountains in northwestern Pakistan nine days after the region was ravaged by a massive earthquake, the military said. Five-year-old Tajun Nissa was rescued by troops in Hassa village near the town of Balakot in North West Frontier Province, it said in a statement.

In the other rescue, an eight-year-old boy, Abdul Jabbar, who had been stranded at a village since the October 8 earthquake, was found in the Kaghan valley north from Balakot, it said. The boy had come from Haripur town to see his relatives in the village of Jareed when the earthquake killed his hosts. “He was left alone for eight days till he was recovered by army rescue teams early Monday,” the statement said. The boy was later taken to his parent’s house in Haripur. On Sunday, rescuers found an 11-year-old girl who could not walk because of polio after her younger brothers managed to walk down from the mountains and alert the army. Rescuers have all but given up hope of finding survivors of the earthquake, which killed 41,000 people, injured 67,000 others and left more tan three million homeless in Pakistan alone.

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  1. Adnan Siddiqi (unregistered) on October 18th, 2005 @ 9:16 am

    Today i recieved this mail on a mailing list,pls do forward it to others:

    From: Faraz Ahmed Khan
    Sent: Friday, October 14, 2005 4:56 PM
    To: finkhi@xxxxx


    Here I want to request the volunteers for some co-operation. It has been
    reported & seen myself (at PAF meuseum) that many volunteers were
    drinking the mineral water, milk & juices provided for donations. When
    asked, they answered that they are thirsty & weak so they also need
    this. Please Please don’t do this ! The food is for those who are in
    real need. There are more than 2000 volunteers who are working only at
    PAF meuseum, so if only they start drinking the water provided there for
    donations, there will be no more to transport in the needy areas..
    Please understand this. If you feel that you are getting weak, please
    take some rest, go to your home & come after a break, but don’t use the
    food there.. Every single bottle & every single biscuit is “Ammanat” &
    we should behave like true “Ameen “.

    Next, all those who are coming there for “Tafreeh”.. please.. for God
    sake.. atleast for once show some responsibility, manners.. i saw
    myself that many people ( from well-educated , from good families ,to
    ill-literate & lower class) just coming there, shouting on everyone,
    raoming here & there.. causing hinderance in traffic, creating problems
    for all.. Please.. don’t do this.. & those who are reading this, please
    stop such people & tell them that this is not the time for such things..

    Last but not the least.. all Volunteers/Tafreeh makers… Show some
    manners at Iftaar time there.. it seems that you haven’t seen a bottle
    of pepsi before,, or haven’t tasted Biryani even a Pakora before.. even
    those who worked for continous 5-6 hours were doing such things at
    Iftaar time that i was feeling ashamed calling them muslims.

    Please.. this is the time to earn some thing in the right path.. Do it
    the proper way.. dont waste your energy in the wrong direction.. we need
    you… each & every one of you.. join hands & play your part.. it is our
    country, your country.. they are your brothers.. do something for them &
    help in bringing them back to life & help in giving happiness to those
    who are suffering.. Please.. it is our Test.. let us pass it with bright
    colors & we will surely be rewarded in this world & After.

    Best Regards
    Arsalan Yousuf

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