The race against time speeds up and as times passes by, we have more and more ifnormation at our fingertips and more ways of making differences…and being useful at this time. Here is a link I was asked to put fwd. The level at which people are rising to contribute in whichever way they can is enough to make a believer out of the cynics again!

For those of you directly involved with, or in touch with any individual or institution that is involved with or potentially interested in working with the broader South Asian quake relief effort, please take a look, and if you donĂ­t have time, please just pass this along. RISEPak.com is an essential tool for relief effort coordination with potential for avoiding the usual pitfalls of emergency disaster relief (poor matching, duplicative efforts, slow and ad hoc delivery).

Relief Information Systems for Earthquakes-Pakistan (RISEPak) is an information-sharing web portal that compiles detailed demographic data, damage, access and relief updates at the village/town level to help coordinate relief efforts and ensure that no village is overlooked. Online bulletin board posts (via sms, email, phone & fax) and regular data updates by teams of volunteers will allow aid and relief efforts to be matched directly with the needs of victims in affected regions.
The information is provided in a flexible and searchable format and is based on data from population statistics, satellites, geographical systems, and relief agencies, workers, and local officials. The portal is maintained by a consortium of experts based in US and Pakistani universities, the World Bank, NGOs, and the private sector, with support from the Pakistan government.

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