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Just got the following news report from The News off the Pak Positive website – can this be done in Karachi as well? If anyone’s reading this who has a lot of contacts with schools / preschools, try suggesting the idea to the administrative folks?

Kids launch ëOne Bag, One Childí campaign

A group of children, along with their families and friends, have launched an organisation by the name of Volunteer Kids (VK) to help out earthquake victim children. The VK has started a project ëOne Bag, One Child,í which means that every child registered with the project would secure one bag full his favourite things. VK wants every child to donate a new or used schoolbag containing a number of items in it. These can include colouring pencils or chalks, colouring book or slate, pencil, rubber, sharpener, toys, sweets and a toilet bag containing soap, hair brush or comb, toothpaste etc. “I think one of the important things that they should also contain a personal card or note from the child for his brother or sister written in Urdu,” says Hamza, one of the founders of the organisation.
He hoped that before Eid, they would have enough bags for the children lying in various hospitals. The project would however continue after Eid. Anyone between the ages of 5 years to 18 years can register and a data bank of young volunteers would be created. Children who want to volunteer may do so at www.volunteerkidz.com or contact on 0300-5529545.

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  1. Aisha S. (unregistered) on October 28th, 2005 @ 1:43 am

    There is this thing PTV is doing, its asking kids to get some of their Eidi early, buy a present, anything from chocolates to colors to scarves, wrap them up in a box and write a letter to an unnamed friend in pain. then PTV and NLC trucks will be collecting from many points in many cities, and transport them to the affected areas. I think its the sweetest idea..

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