Frustrations of EQ Victims

The 3.3 Million people affected by the Earthquake have the right to complain that their govt was unable to help them efficiently during the crisis. The suffering is endless, these poor people were already strapped for cash before the tragedy and are now simply devastated. Having lost members of their family, their possessions including their shelter which for many took a lifetime to accumulate was vanished in seconds and now this purdah’dar society is forced to expose its women to the open, still awaiting the arrival of more tents to provide some semblance of security for these women. These people have been through a lot and any help or assistance from us may seem too little too late for a number of victims.

I feel these emotional frustrations if allowed to linger can and will hurt Pakistan in the long run. These people have literally lost faith in our establishment we saw the desperation with the initial looting of aid trucks in the the first few days (that was acceptable considering the suffering) but later this looting took the shape of an organized mafia, with the bullies stormed the vehicles hence stranding the innocent, weak, hungry and needy to watch food being looted away in front of their eyes.

The innocent have no where to go, no work to do and are hungry to return to normal life. Simply said they are devastated and there is a chance that this depression if it lasts long has the potential to turn into anger and frustration against the country. I would stress to everyone if you can dig deeper into your pockets please do so, as the People of Pakistan still need your support.

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