for God’s sake, just leave us alone

Listen I dont know who you are, and I honestly don’t care what your noble purpose is, but STOP doing this. Random bomb blasts hurt people who have nothing to do with your cause and paralyze the lives of people who probably aren’t even on your lofty target list. Be a human being and let us live. We were actually trying to come together as a country after the earthquake…was this really necessary? Were you feeling ignored? Left out? Did the imapct of this disaster do nothing to your cold heart thsat you wanted to see the poor guard at MCB die also?? Does death mean nothing to you?? Are you even acheiving what you are trying to do and while on that, what, EXACTLY, are you trying to do anyways?

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  1. Hush (unregistered) on November 15th, 2005 @ 7:02 pm

    Fucking bombers!
    Agree with you JAMMIE. They don’t have a fucking clue what they want, and this is just a demonstration of lack of understanding of ‘how to use the power’; bloody bitches.
    They think they will shock us now, but lets kick their butts by continuing to be united and awaken.

    And fucking shaukat aziz people, why are they so eager to declare rs 25000 for the victims everytime. They don’t need your fucking money Mr. Aziz, have some balls and FOR ONCE catch the culprits.

  2. Sarwar (unregistered) on November 15th, 2005 @ 10:00 pm

    Hey guys: I do not live in Karachi anymore, but I feel the outrage.

    I wish there was peaceful a demonstration outside PIDC by hundreds of thousands of people, to show these bloodthirsty terrorists, that we are against them. Something similar to the Amman demonstration but ten times larger. All the citizens of Karachi should come out in force, regardless if you are upper class, middle class or lower class. I think if this happened, it would change the climate of apathy. I wish I was in Karachi, I would be really motivated to be part of it.


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