Wedding Extravaganza

Just read in Dawn that the Wedding Extravaganza exhibition is starting today. I have started to believe that there IS a God, at least now we won’t have to be subjected to idiotic advertisements and billboards asking everyone to join them in a big wedding fiesta or something of the sort. Weddings were supposed to celebrate marriage, and two people starting out on a new life together – since when did it transform into a competition of ‘lets see who can spend their money faster’. Devdas-esque stages and halls, Rs. 2 lakh and over joras, 8 course meals – they really can’t ensure that the wedding will last. And instead of trying to do something about it, we’re hosting Wedding Extravaganza exhibitions.

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  1. mohummed (unregistered) on November 18th, 2005 @ 10:10 am

    Wedding is an occasion which comes only once in a life time , so if some 1 invests a lot in his/her wedding , its not a big deal.
    If i will have enough resources , I will do the same . U ppl also do it.

  2. Anathema (unregistered) on November 18th, 2005 @ 12:03 pm

    2 lakh on a jora versus 2 lacs on my kids and UPenn/Wharwick/MGill.

    i choose option 2

  3. TEE BEE (unregistered) on November 18th, 2005 @ 12:53 pm

    I go with Anathema’s option 2 as well…a better quality education for kids rather than stupid expenditures on fancy dresses, stupid dowry and other what not weird things.!!!

  4. MRK (unregistered) on November 18th, 2005 @ 1:38 pm

    Any examples where the parents have sidelined education over wedding of their child??? People arranging loans to compete in the ‘lets see who can spend more money’ race??? How many people do this? Anyone with reliable stats?

  5. saba (unregistered) on November 18th, 2005 @ 2:28 pm

    Its not about people deliberately sidelining education – its just that people get so carried away with the thought of doing everything that they don’t realize how this money could be put to much better long term use than a one-time expense. Fine, you’ll have the wedding of your dreams, but how can you guarantee you’ll be rich forever?

  6. TEE BEE (unregistered) on November 18th, 2005 @ 3:29 pm

    Exactly..Thanks Saba….
    MRK its not about sidelining education over wedding..but point here is to refrain from these extraordinary expenses and ‘SAVE’ that money which u can plan strategically and use it for childrens education and their well upbringing!!!

  7. JON (unregistered) on November 18th, 2005 @ 3:37 pm


  8. MRK (unregistered) on November 18th, 2005 @ 3:57 pm

    i agree with saba & TEE BEE ;) …
    no, honestly, u ppl r right… i m also of the opinion that if parents want to spend on their children’s marriage, make it in a way that the amount spent should benefit them in a longer run.. not like spending fortunes just for the reception… but if somebody does, i have no problems with that… if someone has it, y not spend it.. those who have it and spend it, also have enough for educating and upbringing their children as well as for securing their future..

    & btw, my dream wedding has no fancy stuff ;)

  9. Anathema (unregistered) on November 18th, 2005 @ 4:34 pm

    i agree that if u have it and want to flaunt it, go right ahead.

    but i fail to udnestand teh latest concept, as someone summed it very well when he friend’s son was getting married “your son’s wedding should be the talk of the towwwwwwwwwn!” in a very catty purry way.

    but lets evaluate and enumerate it all.
    reception duration: 4 hours.
    including photographic shoot: Rs. 35-60k (depending on event coverage)
    Jora: Rs. 1.5 lacs
    Makeup: Rs. 20k (ok maybe thats just Shamain)
    Shoes and Duffle Bag: Rs. 4k
    Stage: Rs. 25k
    Jewelry Set: Rs. 3 lacs
    Sherwani: Rs. 50k
    Food (for about 400 people): Rs. 2.5 lacs
    Venue rent: Rs. 70k (assuming the no hi-fi place)
    Card printing (assuming Rs. 50 per card for 200 invitations): Rs. 1 lac.

    Thats already well about Rs. 9 lacs for just 4 hours and filling bhooka bellies? wah re!

    people need to prioritize. for 4 hours, this is rather extravagant.

  10. sasha (unregistered) on November 18th, 2005 @ 4:54 pm

    “tu nahin, koi aur sahi…”
    the 2 lakhs gets the jora designers’ kid to UPenn, who will eventually come back and charge 4 lakhs to revive 70s fashions :p

  11. Tee Emm (unregistered) on November 18th, 2005 @ 5:40 pm

    I find this particular expo funny in the aftermath of the October Quakes. Huma mentioned a certain ‘feel change’ in her concious. And this is true for everybody else as well I can bet. There are deep marks of this sad national incident on everyone irrespective whether s/he lost anyone or not.

    We’ve lost a lot but at the same time, gained a lot as well.

    Let us not loose our gains by going back to senseless spending craze that is incited by such expos and events.

  12. Aman (unregistered) on November 18th, 2005 @ 7:06 pm

    Just a couple of observations, 2 lakhs is no where near enough for an education at any one of the universities mentioned above, secondly, spending is good for the economy. (Please excuse my second comment, I got a macro exam in a few days) :P

  13. Anathema (unregistered) on November 18th, 2005 @ 7:57 pm

    Aman, its good in an economy where there is a savings-investment decision. prove our economy has an attracative environment for either and maybe we might consider it. =D

  14. TEE BEE (unregistered) on November 18th, 2005 @ 9:27 pm

    A perfect example of Capitalism I see in this society!!!!

    Sasha I like ur sense of humor..what you said could be true too…:-)

  15. DarthVaderfromClifton (unregistered) on November 18th, 2005 @ 9:53 pm

    good observations Aman . it’s all “relative” to one’s social strata anyways. only thing surprising here is the display of righteous-indignation by the same people who plug eatries that cater coffee cups for Rs.100 or dinners for RS.1200 or that with the per capita income of a regular Joe in pakistan ( ranks below Ghana of all the fucking countries)!!! oh well Francois once said ”
    Hypocrisy is an homage that vice renders to virtue” la la
    hey what was that Dylan song ? “………stuck in the middle with you …”
    and yeah .. for that kind of Dosh try Messiah College,little further up on the Penn Turnpike.

  16. Rooster (unregistered) on November 18th, 2005 @ 10:14 pm

    Right on Darth !!! . BTW loved your work in Empire Strikes Back .

  17. Anathema (unregistered) on November 18th, 2005 @ 10:28 pm

    the Darth Vader in Empire Strikes Back was from Karachi Clifton?!?! this deserves a new Karachi Metblog post!!!

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