Mr. Burger….or just a “Burger” joint…

While driving today at approximately 3.30 pm and feeling hungry after having missed lunch, I realised i was free enough to grab a bite.

Being at NIPA at that time, the thought of making a dash to subway was smashed when Subway was closed…they were just opening up…and said they wont be in position to serve for the next hour or so.

Since i needed a U-turn, I drove further and saw Mr. Burger, and so it began….

I ordered a Combo 1, which comprises of a Roast Beef Burger, Fries & Drink, ostentatiously priced at Rs. 115/-.

To sum it up…the burger tasted of nothing but bread, the roast beef was pretty visible, but i barely felt the flavour. It contained mustard
, which was anything BUT spicy.

The fries were wrinkled, darkened yellow…..assumably, they were over boiled prior to frying.

The drink…was flat…and barely cold., i called the waiter to complain about the drink…since i couldnt blame them for the taste (or lack of it) in the burger..(hey..come on..coming here was my mistake to start off with!) and i was told that they had run out of ice…but he did care to pour me another one from a fresh bottle (their fountain had something wrong too) but this was also flat.

Now…i know that at one point of time (which i dont remember) this place used to be famous…….after today…….i wonder why its still open.

On my way back…..I drove by Hanifia…..DAMN!!!!

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  1. faisal (unregistered) on January 17th, 2006 @ 10:31 pm

    oh man!!
    Hanifia’s kabab burger with that
    incredible mustard of theirs and
    a nice thick slice of tomato
    with an ice cold bottle of pakola
    ice cream soda….followed perhaps
    by a gola ganda (in all of its
    mulitcolored, condensed milk enveloped
    glory) at dhoraji

    that would hit the spot!!
    “DAMN” is right…

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