A whole new trend in VIP traffic management

On Saturday, July 29 as I hit Shahrah e faisal from II Chundrigar road in the evening to get home, I could like any karachiite can what the extra ordinary presence of policemen and rangers on the sides of the streets means.

Though I was glad that since the guys can still be seen, means that the person is yet to pass the streets, which meant I could potentially still get home.

Little did I know that as I crossed FTC, I would be pushed inwards to Sindhi Muslim, since the VIP has not decided to block the road as he moves, he has decided to TAKE OVER it!

I had to move through Tariq Roada onwards from Dalmia, since traffic heading to Shahrah e faisal from Sharah e Qaideen was also blocked, and same from Shaheed e Millat.

What defeats logic, is that from blocking a part of the road, they moved to blocking the whole damn road!

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  1. Kashif Aziz (unregistered) on July 31st, 2006 @ 12:19 pm

    remember a verse written behind a bus,

    tapar hay tau pass kar, warna bardasht kar

  2. mansoor (unregistered) on July 31st, 2006 @ 12:32 pm

    look who finally decided to come out of the woodwork!! good 2 see u around inspirex!

  3. Teeth Maestro (unregistered) on July 31st, 2006 @ 12:32 pm

    Well I too got the brunt of this VIP takeover, but he was actually coming from Defence via the bypass going over baluch colony bridge towards hillpark. I too was using by-pass roads utlizing a relatively open PECHS block 6 to land right underneath baluch colony bridge just in time to see the speeding convoy off to no-mans land.

    They fear for their life as if the world depends on it – only Allah knows the exact time when they will depart, then no security can save their ass

  4. Anwar (unregistered) on July 31st, 2006 @ 1:11 pm

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    Is there a way to E-mail personal message to you guys or no?.


  5. Teeth Maestro (unregistered) on July 31st, 2006 @ 1:25 pm

    Personal emails might be difficult per se. But you may post the messages on their blogs and if he/she responds bingo you are in contact. try it :)

  6. umar (unregistered) on July 31st, 2006 @ 1:56 pm

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