Termite Infestation !

The Quran Gallery which was one of the most popular gallery of the National Museum, is badly infested by termites and for that reason it had been closed shut for several years. The administration had been so irresponsible that they did not even asked the government to allocate funds to fight the termites and when the infestation got out of control they still kept a lid on it.

The National Museum had organized the Quran Gallery with the technical as well as financial assistance from the Sumitomo Corporation of Japan in 1985 under which special metallic showcases to keep the Holy Quran safe were also provided in almost half of the gallery, the other half of the gallery had wooden display panels and showcases which had been attacked by termites and due to which the entire gallery has been closed. (DAWN)

The termite infestation has also spread to the newly build auditorium and is now posing a threat to some of the rate artifacts on display. Also recently over 70,000 publications, books and other reading material of the archeology and museums department had also been shifted to the National Museum as the department has shifted its head office from the city to the federal capital. This reading material is also exposed to termites and could be lost if some precautionary steps were not taken immediately.

Sadly we have funds to get a huge fountain, a swimable underpass, and endless number of flyovers but we don’t have money to save our own history and heritage. We are building modern theaters over historic buildings, we are overriding our own culture, destroying our own economy, promoting piracy, dropping the literacy rate and abusing our own children. It looks like the termite infestation is not just limited to this National Museum, it has spread all over.

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