If you look at this billboard closely, you’ll notice that the picture of Pilot Officer Rashid Minhas Shaheed is not included in Nishan-e-Haider receivers. Why would they do that? Is that a deliberate act or an honest mistake? I think that’s because he’s the only Nishan-e-Haider who was not in Pakistan Army, and hence didn’t deserve any attention.

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  1. Salman Sheikh (unregistered) on September 9th, 2006 @ 12:24 pm

    yea it could be a reason that he was not from army …. maybe check out base masoor or base faisal , they must have billboards solely praising pilot officer Rashid Minhas Shaheed ;)

  2. Inspirex (unregistered) on September 9th, 2006 @ 12:25 pm

    Hey. I noticed that too. Additionally, there were initially 8, and after the kargil conflict, 10 recipients of this award.
    This board shows 8, hence someone else is missing too.

  3. Salman Sheikh (unregistered) on September 9th, 2006 @ 12:38 pm

    rightly pointed out by inspirex … Major Tufail Mohammad Shaheed also missing…. maybe they did it coz of limited width of the billboard? they could have easily reduced the size and managed to add em all?

  4. Salman Sheikh (unregistered) on September 9th, 2006 @ 12:40 pm

    or maybe the painter of this billboard failed his urdu exams… ;)

  5. shlazz (unregistered) on September 9th, 2006 @ 12:43 pm

    the billboard is of the Pakistan Army… Rashid Minhas didnt belong to Pakistna Army…he was in the Airforce

    Major Tufail was not in Pakistan Army but was in Azad Kashmir Regimment

  6. Adnan (unregistered) on September 9th, 2006 @ 12:46 pm

    Major Tufail Shaheed is also missing and I think its a mistake because I believe that he was part of Pakistan Army(including Bangladesh).Rashid Minhas was not included since he was part of Pakistan Airforce and this billboard I think is only for Pakistan ARmy(you are not seeing any plane and ship in this billboard).However missing Tufail Shaheed is not a minor mistake at all.

  7. Salman Sheikh (unregistered) on September 9th, 2006 @ 12:47 pm

    Major Tufail Mohammad Shaheed belonged to 16th Punjab Regiment

  8. Adnan (unregistered) on September 9th, 2006 @ 12:48 pm

    Major Tufail was not in Pakistan Army but was in Azad Kashmir Regimment

    I believe you are Wrong

  9. Salman Sheikh (unregistered) on September 9th, 2006 @ 12:52 pm

    at the time when he became a shaheed he was Company Commander in the East Pakistan Rifles…. and at the
    the east pakistan was very much pakistan thats why he was awarded nishan-e-haider… you don’t award nishan-e-haider to foreign army officers! so its a serious omission

  10. Arsalaan Haleem (unregistered) on September 9th, 2006 @ 3:48 pm

    I am not sure, whether I am the only one, or maybe others may have noticed it – the Dawn supplement published on the Day – 6th Sept., showed not 10 but 11, yes ELEVEN recepients of Nishan-e-Haider.

    I would appreciate if someone else may confirm this.

  11. yo yo (unregistered) on September 9th, 2006 @ 4:30 pm

    ARSALAN…who is the 11th person…BUGTI?

  12. Arsalaan Haleem (unregistered) on September 9th, 2006 @ 4:33 pm

    YoYo..I wish I knew….I am hoping that someone else may be able to shed some light on this.

  13. Adnan (unregistered) on September 9th, 2006 @ 8:59 pm

    YoYo No I think that would be Gen.Niazi. *grin*

  14. mansoor (unregistered) on September 9th, 2006 @ 10:02 pm

    interesting.. i didnt notice that…..

  15. Inspirex (unregistered) on September 9th, 2006 @ 10:43 pm

    Ok, now this might sound extremely weird, but a few years ago, it was hinted that gen zia was being considered for this honour. I seriously hope he isnt our mystery man!

  16. Poo Poo Head (unregistered) on September 10th, 2006 @ 3:22 am

    Might be those two missing guys were not from Punjab ?? Minhas was definitely Karachi guy, no wonder why he is not there. Next time when we are in war, Air Force should not provide any shelter to those Army people if they think that their people are more worthy.

  17. Adnan (unregistered) on September 10th, 2006 @ 12:35 pm

    Now i seriously think tht next Nishan-e-Haider should be given to Dr.Qadeer Khan after his death because he saved Pakistan and Pak(?)Army by taking all allegations of transfer of nuclear technology to Iran and Libya.Though he is a civil man but since he covered the corruption of Pakistan Army and literally saved Pakistan therefore he deserves Nishan-e-Haider

  18. Adnan (unregistered) on September 10th, 2006 @ 12:37 pm

    poo hehe dont start this punjab thing here otherwise I will be very vocal against them :D

  19. karachitte (unregistered) on September 11th, 2006 @ 1:48 am

    rishid minhas was from rawal pindi orginally
    but spent most of his life in karachi

  20. Poo Poo Head (unregistered) on September 11th, 2006 @ 2:40 am

    R M was born in Karachi though.

  21. wasiq (unregistered) on September 12th, 2006 @ 3:57 am


    ARMY = to serve
    AIRFORCE = to protect
    NAVY = navy rules….rummy and rum saves the day!

  22. suhail (unregistered) on September 12th, 2006 @ 9:13 am

    PooPoo dont get naughty there. we are all pakistanis. the reason is i guess either a mistake or because army only billboard. anyway, i shall not make a big chaos about it.
    the amitabh billboard was the real issue, this shall not become one. however, one thing is for sure, these billboards are got to be much more careful now ;-) since bloggers examine them in such detail.

  23. Poo Poo Head (unregistered) on September 12th, 2006 @ 10:19 am

    Suhail , agreed but it was just a thought. I am a Pakistani but I am an urdu speaking too. Actually you know I have an evil agenda, I wanna join MQM and get into politics once I am back to Karachi so I am just rooting for it ;-). Damn me.

  24. suhail (unregistered) on September 14th, 2006 @ 9:27 am

    well i am sure your evil agenda can not be achieved now.. ;-) , as MQM is no longer a “Lissani Tanzeem”. it has diversified and many non-urdu speakers are there in it now. what a relief!!!

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