Are you a smart shopper?

Now that we’re moving into the last 10 days of Ramazan, shopping is going to pick up a frantic pace. Shopping malls and bazaars would be open till the wee hours of the night…or should I say morning? It gets completely crazy. The crazier it gets, the bigger the chances of being ripped off on our purchases.

Most of us follow the simple process of We see, we like, we buy. While the shop keepers see us, fool us, and rip us off. I’m not saying its wrong or anything, after all they have to earn their living too. And their living is translated in terms of profit.

A couple of days ago, Dawn suggested some ways to become a smart shopper. Their advices are sound and probably will work if we can remember them while shopping. The one thing that they don’t seem to put much emphasis on is hard core bargaining.

If you guys have any particular smart shopping ways, do share.

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  1. DA-Man (unregistered) on October 15th, 2006 @ 2:43 am

    Don’t mean to change the subject, but I just heard a rumour that the rockets found near the Presidency in Islamabad were linked to a coup attempt by hard lined Islamist Air Force Officers. There have been over 40 arrested.

    Can anyone comment?

  2. Original-Anon (unregistered) on October 15th, 2006 @ 8:14 am

    The Dawn article is so poorly written and I am still scratching my head over this piece of advice: “Spending only Rs100 a week on things you don’t need will cost you Rs4,800 in a year.”

  3. UZi (unregistered) on October 15th, 2006 @ 5:43 pm

    It’s not a “dawn” article–i.e., no one at Dawn wrote it; they got it off of PPI. Extremely sloppy editing, too. And all the “advice” therein is absolutely redundant. I mean, anyone who shops regularly in Karachi KNOWS all this stuff already–and MORE. :P

    Hard-core bargaining == Qoute a price which is around 35-40 percent of that qouted by the shopkeeper. Honestly! And then watch him (the shopkeeper) wring his hands, pretending that you’re trying to rip him off, and all that jazz. In the end, if you’re persistent enough (persistent, that is, not rude!), you walk away with paying Rs 350 for an item that the shopkeeper initially asked Rs 700-something for.

    The main point is, you should know how much stuff is SUPPOSED to cost, before you go out buying it. But a market survey won’t help you learn that–shopping instincts will!

    Oh, and shop off-season!

  4. Aussie_Paki (unregistered) on October 16th, 2006 @ 8:19 am

    Thanks Uzi, I hope it helps when I go to Pakistan ;) end of this year!

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