Street Children


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Seeing this child in front of me today reminded me of the above linked special report by daily Ummat & reading it makes you wonder where the future of our street children lie. Unfortunately the future is very dark, to say the least. The govt. it seems is absolutely blind about these flowers on the streets. Also, we don’t have that many philanthropic institutes or individuals whom they can look upon as hope. Ummat has a special edge in investigative reporting over other newspapers, which is quite evident from their content. This special report highlights some serious concerns in our society regarding the fate of children on street, “Aslam” in this case. They end up being a negative element in society. Elements which when appear in foreground take the shape of drugs, crimes & other evils. A worrying note is the survey conducted by Azaad foundation. Out of every ten children, 4 have been found positive for STD’s.

Many of us come across these children daily but do we ever wonder how they end up on the street. An important question is what role an individual can play to help these children. One way is to help private institutes or NGO’s with a credible name with resources available so they can reach more of children. The other one is to adopt them if one is quite well off. People living in communities should share some sort of social burden among their community members. I know one person who pays for all schooling expenses in his locality of few children in his neighborhood just to make sure they don’t end up in a garage or at the hands of criminals.

This is just one such story out of thousands taking shape daily on the streets of Karachi, giving it an ugly look, crying at our social apathy and inability to take care of these flowers in 21st century.

Credits: Dr. Abdullah Khan, Daily Ummat

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