What excatly can you do in a million rupees?

That seems to be the question nowadays…

Citibank has launched a new promotion of a lucky draw with a prize of 1 million rupees, if you get yourself a citibank personal loan.

Their promotion goes something like this, “Get a new car, get your house renovated, get a plasma TV AND go on a cruise!”
Can you really do all that in a million?? Or does the word million just conjure up images of granduer?!

A decent car (Coure, Santro, or even Alto) costs around 5 lacs,
House renovation anywhere from 2 to 10 lacs itself,
plasma TV is about 2 lacs
and a cruise with two people is a lac itself.

P.S. A million rupees is 10 lac

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  1. unaiza nasim (unregistered) on November 1st, 2006 @ 12:13 pm

    “Shelter mission” for EQ affecties. Only if I get them.
    “If dreams were horses, beggars would ride”

  2. MB (unregistered) on November 1st, 2006 @ 12:21 pm

    Citibank has gone nuts and is looking out for fools. And we are not

  3. Farhan (unregistered) on November 1st, 2006 @ 2:36 pm

    Million Ruppes

    A Dell SPX 2010 Laptop ( 20 inch screen ) Rs 400000

    A servant to carry its 19 pound weight around for a year Rs 50,000

    Dimagh ki Surgery for taking loan from Chor Fraud Citibank – End Less

    ( they still owe me Rs 200 in fraudelent charges jerks charged me for CitiAlerts without my consent and I never recieved any alert and now they say that I gotta pay for it so I cut my card in 4 pieces and told them to shove it where sun don’t shine ,
    Their punch line should be
    We’ll make you feel as degraded and helpless like never before
    Experience our rude customer service and fraudlent banking Welcome to Shitty Bank )

  4. MB (unregistered) on November 1st, 2006 @ 3:04 pm

    Farhan , Dear shukar hai tumne wo sab keh dia jo mujhey kehna tha but author honey kee waja se chup raha….

  5. Hasan Mubarak (unregistered) on November 1st, 2006 @ 3:49 pm

    They should have put it like this:

    “Get get your house mortgaged with us, buy a new car, get the same house renovated, get a plasma TV AND go on a cruise! and with all this you get a chance to win a million bucks!”

  6. Abdul Sami (unregistered) on November 1st, 2006 @ 4:44 pm

    Pity! how corporate world lures everyone to run after ‘khwahishaat’

    new car, renovation, plasma tv, cruise all are luxuries, so get ‘qarz’ for ur luxuries and at the same time play the lottery to win ‘1 million’. fools paradise

  7. MB (unregistered) on November 1st, 2006 @ 5:46 pm

    ” new car, renovation, plasma tv, cruise all are luxuries, so get ‘qarz’ for ur luxuries and at the same time play the lottery to win ‘1 million’. fools paradise ”

    i completely agree with sami

  8. Haseeb A (unregistered) on November 1st, 2006 @ 8:34 pm

    Bullshit. Another scam to loot the (educated illiterate) masses.
    Aik gari khareedo, 10 saal kistay bharo

  9. Farhan (unregistered) on November 1st, 2006 @ 8:42 pm

    Scenario after taking the Chiti Loan

    I just returned from the Dubai cruise dropped wife at her mom’s house to talk as I entered the house phone rings

    I : Hello

    Caller : Hi is this Farhan

    Me : Yes

    Caller : Hi this is Jerkhead calling from Citi
    Loan , how was the cruise

    Me. : Oh it was good not what I expected , the room was a little cramped for my tasste

    JerkHead : oh ok so you like it at home with your Bravia LCD TV

    Me : Oh Yeah there is no place like home

    I hear in the background of Jerkhead , HE’s home get him and the same moment bell rings and phone gets disconnected

    I open the door to find 3 Gundas and a nerdy , pimply looking guy

    Nerdy : Hi I am Mega JErk from Chity Bank

    I : Oh I was just talking to JerkHEad on the line in the house

    MJ : We know , now get the hell out

    I : what are you saying this is my house

    MJ : It was now it and everything in it belongs to Chity Bank

    I : Hell no , how come

    MJ : you forgot your loan payment

    I : Like I did , the first intallment was waived

    MJ : We don;t know who waived it

    I : I said some Gadaha Rep on phone told me

    MJ : Did you got his phone number , fullname , NIC number , date and time of call ,number he is calling from , his bap ka nam , his real bap ka nam , his ma ka nam , his sage and sotele bhai ka nam

    I : UMMM no

    MJ : than you are out

    I : but he was calling from Chity Bank

    MJ : We know he was calling from our bank but as you don;t have any info , you got no say and mind your attitude else i will even get your clothes off against the payment , Jockey ke underwear aur baniyan ka ishtihiar banna waise bhi you look like those stick figures in theie ad

    I : Acha what can I do ,

    MJ : first get th hell out of the house now , write a letter to our What is Customer Service Dept , customers deserve to be gutted for dealing with us Dept and if they didn’t use your applicaition to wipe their ass they will get back to you somday with the reply that this is your fault get a new home , again take our loan and make sure this thing does not happen again

    The Gundass pick me up and throw me in the street

    The pimply Mega Jerk takes out his Vertu Paltinum and say : ” HEy JErk HEad house secure , bring some KurKAre and Pepsi Twist aaj ka match is ke LCD par dekheen ge

    Meanwhile I am out on the street thinking

    Yeah hai meri Kahani
    Kaise Zindgani
    Citibank keh raha hai
    aab kab loan reh raha hai

    Eek promotion purani
    tujhe hai hamne pehnani
    tujhe ghar se beghar karna hai
    tere kismat mai hum se deal karke sarak pay phirna hai

    Jhote sare wawdyun ke sayeen mai hum Zinda Hun
    apni dreams ko loan ke chakar se pura karne ke chakar mai para hun

    aab hai yeh mere kahani
    bas har taraf Werani
    Sarak par chal raha hun
    yunhi loan ke dard seh raha hun

  10. Adnan V (unregistered) on November 1st, 2006 @ 9:36 pm

    hAhAHhAhA too good farhan …… specially the SONG !!

  11. billygun (unregistered) on November 1st, 2006 @ 11:14 pm

    awesome farhan!! u cud become a story writer for our pakistani films!!

  12. English Nitpicker (unregistered) on November 2nd, 2006 @ 1:03 am

    The word ‘exactly’ is not spelled correctly in the title

  13. Adnan Siddiqi (unregistered) on November 2nd, 2006 @ 9:48 am

    farhan, hahahahha!

    Dell SPX 2010 Laptop

    Farhan i think you mean “XPS”? I am surprised they are shipping it with Vista oops!

  14. Farhan (unregistered) on November 2nd, 2006 @ 10:56 am

    It’s XPS , a beauty of 19 pounds , 8 speakers , sub woofers , detachable keyboard the works .
    P.S I was wrong about the price it will be around USD 3500 loaded so 2 lac aur for Dimagh ki Surgery .

  15. Saad (unregistered) on November 2nd, 2006 @ 11:12 am

    A decent car 5 lacs
    House renovation 2 lacs
    plasma TV 2 lacs
    cruise with two people 1 lac

    10 lacs!!

  16. Arsalaan Haleem (unregistered) on November 2nd, 2006 @ 11:46 am

    @ Mansoor – Saad gave you the breakdown of things that you can do with a million rupees.

  17. Hasan Mubarak (unregistered) on November 2nd, 2006 @ 2:28 pm

    @Farhan: Lol! It was too good

  18. Asef (unregistered) on November 2nd, 2006 @ 2:46 pm

    And you have this much spare time to actually type out the entire conversation on the phone!! hahah!!
    i think you’re infatuated with em thats all! :P

  19. Farhan (unregistered) on November 2nd, 2006 @ 3:05 pm

    No I hate those SOBs they still owe me Rs 200/- , I want to spread the word how this fraud bank works

  20. mansoor (unregistered) on November 3rd, 2006 @ 10:01 am

    farhan: lol!! that *too* good!!!!

  21. Asef (unregistered) on November 6th, 2006 @ 9:28 am

    Fraud bank? :P
    haha! my good friend, thats how every bank works… unless you’re the National Bank, which actually doesnt care about the money it makes, cause it’ll have the government around to bail itself out everytime :D
    Chill yo! and try and read the terms and conditions properly before getting into something first! lol

  22. RAJA (unregistered) on November 8th, 2006 @ 8:29 am


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