Swift Action: When Patience was required

Enlightened moderation, if supposedly that’s what we need, is ever to be achieved would never be possible without education, that too according to a standard definition & not ours which is resulting in robots coming out of our institutes. Gone are the breeding open minds of 60’s & 70’s when educational institutes use to produce intellect, researches & thirsty for knowledge souls & not on paper professionals. Probably that’s why we had the greats like Abdus Salaam who was Paki to core & who was proud of his roots.

One of the ways our gov. functions is taking “swift action”. Swift action as long as I remember is taken only when something negative has to be done. Never had I seen any swift action being taken for a good purpose (e.g HERE) except the recent work being carried upon in city for road construction. Avoiding being a party in this controversy (& THE NEWS) my concern is the students. Because it’s not a hi-fi school that a notice would be taken at higher level the students & their parents, as always will have to face a hard time. Whether the swift action is legal or illegal & whether a good percentage has been given to CDGK to keep its mouth shut is unknown but when we read “City Nazim Mustafa Kamal had stated on Sunday that the education department acted on court order. However, the education department failed to produce court order about handing over the school building and its premises to an individual.” we know something is fishy. Time will tell if he is right or if it was just another topi. If Altaf bhai can shout over telephone on pity political matters, he can sure do a lot more on this or may be its too less lucrative deal to waste time on.

But again, education, students & their parent will be the only ones at receiving end. No one bothered about the difficulties student will face when few decided the future of many. Over the years one of many areas which have plunged into complete chaos is our education. We already have a good pool of highly educated robots as PH puts it, coming out of institutions, this one will sure add to the misery of the students. It may well be that few students; especially young children may discontinue their studies if new place is a little far though area is same as parents are always worried about younger ones. Once interesting aspect is the school management which never seen to make any arrangements or preparation for chaos. The concerned individual could wait, supposing he was right when he knew how badly the students will be affected. Heaven won’t fall had he waited a little before going on with the demolition. Few weeks of disruption in education, few weeks of newspapers item, few weeks of torture to the effected then any other similar/dissimilar event. Another gentle push to the slide.

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  1. Arsalaan Haleem (unregistered) on January 23rd, 2007 @ 3:17 pm

    Alas, a society that cannot treat its heroes the way they should be treated, cannot sustain for long……..and MB, the name is ABDUS and not Abdul…..please correct it.

  2. wasiq (unregistered) on January 24th, 2007 @ 4:18 am

    shoaib is not only a match winning bowler….he is too fast for the south african players….if he kept bowling like this we may not have anybody to play with…..especially with the world cup so near….

    btw,chinese missile was not a cruise missile that hit the satellite it was a ballistic…it took more than two day for the japanese and the aussies to find out….russian have no idea



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