Land mafia eyeing govt schools everyone at the top is playing land game why not small fishes. A sector that has over the years become a kind of rotten/forgotten cancer/something due lack of interest is education. A visit to any gov. school helps you understand its meaning. We already knew the state is bad but what concerns is the way this important sector is being butchered, especially in Karachi in many ways.

As if we already had state of the art facilities an NGO has alleged that the premises of educational institutions are being sold to the land-mafia for commercial purpose. It conducted a survey of Lyari schools and found mounds of trash and rubbish on the premises of these schools, drug addicts roaming around and stagnant water in grounds in sight of children.

What you think these children will become when they grow up or Ever wonder why we produce hero’s (hero?) like Rehman Dakait. The picture by FotoWala answers it properly.

During a visit by a Sparc team to the DCTO School, the assembly ground was in stagnant water. The team found more than 10 drug-addicts sitting and lying around toilets of the schools and consuming drugs while students were forced to use these toilets in their presence. There was garbage present in the school and giving off an unbearable odour. A recently built structure meant to house classrooms was abandoned without any attention depicting a sorry state. Read full story

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  1. Munaeem (unregistered) on March 1st, 2007 @ 8:12 pm

    Have you ever read stories in ‘Readers Digest’?

    Our people talk about crimes and problems. But no one wants to confront it and eliminate it.

  2. Imran (unregistered) on March 2nd, 2007 @ 8:09 am

    Excellent post MB.

    Muneem has a pertinent point … it may be even better to suggest soultions to the problems highligted; though i admit that suggesting “solutions” on a public site can sometimes sidetrack the problem itself, when you have people passing judgements on issues they know very little about.

    Keep up the good work :)

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