Karachi & the borderless circle of KMB

Karachi is mini Pakistan, practically anything
that affects it relates to Karachi one way or other, therefore it
becomes highly confusing to decide when posting topics not related
purely to Karachi” but do relate to it “technically“.

A good technical trick is it so catch
the issue of the topic instead of topic of the issue. e.g. I cannot
catch the Lal Masjid (topic) but I can catch Extremism (issue) which
luckily mostly relates to Khi & saves me. (Do I sound devil?)

As there is no specific formula to decide what
actually is related to Pakistan but no way related to Khi we authors
cross the line once in a while & he being friendly & helpful bears it
patiently. There is almost an abundance of topics that fall under this
border less circle especially Sports or Movies & Art etc.

A KMB readers + authors meet up may help but readers being always helpful, I decide to find their views. So far the “We post you just read” style has worked fine. The final answer may rest with captain but what actually KMB readers view on it, especially those who suddenly post a link on breaking news & request for a post. Is occurrence & the place be the only criteria ?

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