AAJ TV , tasting enlightenment ?

http://karachi.metblogs.com/archives/images/2007/04/aprilmb/lwt1-thumb.jpgA friend from AAJ sent me an SMS & to confirm it i waited enough till i check myself on TV.

First it was GEO, then DAWN & now its AAJ TV.

Probably last few programs from AAJ Karachi proved hard to digest for the establishment & so the predications by Hamid Mir in a talk show a month back hosted by AAJ TV proved right today, that its already been decided by to take action against media for introducing nation to the truth.

lwt2.JPGThe Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority has served a show-cause notice on Aaj TV, a private television channel, for airing news, talk shows and other programmes on the current judicial crisis and threatened it with closure. The authority has also sought an explanation from the chief executive officer of the television channel in person within three days to avoid a legal action

Talat Hussain just ended a LIVE program & replied (read thrashed) the objections one by one which had no sense except the one regarding NOC. LIVE callers didn’t show any mercy too.

The notice doesn’t mention once single point (time,program,news) where a violation has been done. Its every objection is generalized just for the sake of sending a notice.It’s hard to imagine & as one caller put it, the 18th century mentality of PEMRA that just don’t seem to digest the Information revolution.

I hardly missed any GEO, ARY, AAJ, CNBC talk show during last one month & If there is any channel that did its job better than others that’s AAJ TV. Its host Talat did an excellent job with his ever ready, better researched (than Hamid Mir & Kamran Khan at least) info, to the point observations & questions.

If AAJ TV fails to satisfy PEMRA in its reply then it may be bye bye for the cable wala viewers.. Alas AAJ TV just tasted the reality fruit.

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  2. Adnan (unregistered) on May 8th, 2007 @ 12:52 pm

    I have read through most of these posts, however, it more than anything it is shameful that the younger generation, ie i presume people who are able to use the internet, are so oblivious and uncaring about freedom and freedom fighters. These people belong to families who have probably not sacrificed to build this country and are frequent visitors to UAE impressed with the west, na idhar ke, na udhar ke, this Country belongs to Pakistanis and not the Dictators, who can only take control, when the citizens are not willing to give up their luxuries or sacrifice for the greater good of the people and their children. Money is the priority of the day, not morals!

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