Markets closure after sunset

Are you kidding me? Who in his right mind would think that by forcing to close shops after sunset you would be able to save energy? This is just ridiculous.

Instead, you can try changing the work hours to 8 to 4 (or 7 to 3 if you are an extremist), instead of the usual 9 to 5. Not only this will save evergy but it will enable the people to spend more time at home with their family. Everybody wins.

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  1. pakvestor (unregistered) on May 4th, 2007 @ 12:40 pm

    I totally agree with Umar. In fact we did try the daylight savings mechanism for one year. I do not understand why we could not follow it up afterwards.

  2. lost_in_the_maze (unregistered) on May 4th, 2007 @ 1:30 pm

    I do not agree with you at all. Here we sit and complain incessantly about the load shedding and the first attempts to resolve it, gets nothing but criticism.

    What is so wrong with this idea? Should not shopping malls close at Maghrib? Sure it might be a convenience at first, but then so it sitting at home in the dark.

    Grow up!!!

  3. Raja Islam (unregistered) on May 4th, 2007 @ 1:56 pm

    simply impossible !
    In past government tried to implement this law but did not succeed .

  4. Kashif (unregistered) on May 4th, 2007 @ 2:21 pm

    They did this last year as well without any visible benefit.

  5. Hasan Zuberi (unregistered) on May 4th, 2007 @ 2:28 pm

    The easiset approach can be to wake up early and sleep early, as suggested by Umar.

    I experienced it during my stay at Jakarta, Indonesia & Singapore. The life there starts at 6am soon after Fajr prayers and usually people go to bed after Isha prayers (say around 9pm).

  6. Red_Munk!! (unregistered) on May 4th, 2007 @ 3:03 pm

    & Mushy says this isnt a Banana Republic!.

    Latest edition of Gov’s “April fools”….only its may…4th day at that.

    Oh well, im sure they come up with something else to “crack” us up next week!.

    atta boys!.

  7. d0ct0r (unregistered) on May 4th, 2007 @ 3:45 pm

    if this energy crisis worsens then they’ll would say that don’t open markets at all… no work.. public holiday whole week..

  8. d0ct0r (unregistered) on May 4th, 2007 @ 3:47 pm

    *they would*

  9. Adnan Siddiqi (unregistered) on May 4th, 2007 @ 3:51 pm

    Atleast there will be no traffic issue in my Hyderi area. Good decision.

  10. Skeptic (unregistered) on May 4th, 2007 @ 4:03 pm

    In my opinion “demand management” is better than “load shedding”. If the shops and businesses are shut down at 8 PM then some much needed electricity can be saved because shops and businesses consume a lot of electricity. They want to display their items and for this purpose they use the maximum amount of electricity.

  11. pakvestor (unregistered) on May 4th, 2007 @ 4:14 pm

    The reason I do not agree with the policy is not because I simply want to disagree but because I think this is not a good idea as a whole and I do not think it will solve the load shedding issue and I can put forward a number of counter arguments.

    ONE, maybe we should seriously consider curtailing other electricity wastages. For example, street lights during the day. Another possibility would be other wastages like lighting up certain building on II chundrigarh road during the night with “pretty colors”. I am sure you all understand which buildings I am talking about.

    TWO, the government has tried to this earlier and it was unsuccessful simply because certain shop owners continue to conduct business with generators and UPS systems. After a while the whole market continues to conduct business under the claim of having generators even though they do not have it. All this law will do is give the police another reason to extort money from the shop keepers. Further, many shops only begin business in the evening, clear examples being restaurants, milk shops, general grocery shops, and even paan walas. Last year I remember one shop which had a paan shop and a general grocery store in one. The authorities could not decide whether he should be allowed to keep his business open (due to the paan shop) or closed (due to being a general store).

    THREE, for the last couple of years, the largest contribution to the GDP has been by the service sector and not manufacturing. And within the service sector, the single largest sub sector to contribute to the GDP has been the retail and wholesale trade. Not your manufacturing, Banking, Telecom … but rather the reatil sector. By sutailing the business activities of this sector, we cannot expect to accrue any economical gains.

  12. Sufi (unregistered) on May 4th, 2007 @ 5:25 pm

    Most of the new malls are using power generators anyways. Old malls are converting to generators as well. I am all up for giving up the kingly lifestyles and start our days early, like it happens all over the world.

  13. Obi Wan Kenobi (unregistered) on May 4th, 2007 @ 7:15 pm

    I guess this is a good idea. I live in Mountain View(Google’s Head Office, town b/w San Francisco and San Jose) and it is very difficult to find any proper eating out let after 1030-1100 pm. Block buster closes at 11 in weekdays. Calling at one’s home after 9 (natives) is considered to be very rude. Most of the people wake up at 5 am and sleep by 9-10 pm. This is California we are talking about, nor Arkansas. Last year in summer, it was record high temperature and local govt. asked all the big stores (Safeway etc) to shut down their eating units to save energy and requested people not to use AC for few days because the power houses were unable to meet the demands(I know many people who was glad not to turn on AC to help PGE). Now they say that they can not meet energy requirements so if you decrease your power bills by 10% they give you rebates, they give you rebates for buying energy efficient appliances. There are lots of data canters here so even PGE is giving 4 million dollars rebate on saving energy for server consolidation
    The point is giving all this money away is much much cheaper than getting new power houses even for the state of Calif. Here we are talking about Karachi. Please cooperate with govt. and be a good citizen.

  14. Salman A. (unregistered) on May 4th, 2007 @ 8:17 pm

    it would be an excellent decision to close the market after sunset.. or don’t even wait that long, just close at 6 pm sharp especially the jewelry market, cloth(es) stores, and the video/audio shops, etc. only pharmacies should be allowed to open late.

    this was what i see in Karachi- most shopping malls aren’t open until noon, even the sabzi wala comes late.. what a nuisance? the work in most offices start after lunch.. if you go to marriage/valima ceremonies, the dinner starts there at 2 in the morning. these all signs of a LOSER SOCIETY…..

    seriously, we need to go back to basics- Early to bed and early to rise.. thats common sense but our society needs an enforcement of these small little things.. how funny?????

  15. BitterTruth (unregistered) on May 4th, 2007 @ 8:27 pm

    Whether or not its implemented, its a good idea. In fact its a general policy of developed nations to start day early and close it at 8PM at most (and they certainly do not face any electricity shortage). I think our trend to go for shopping etc after sunset is due to the heat in the daytime.

  16. M (unregistered) on May 4th, 2007 @ 8:53 pm

    Sufi Sahib,

    Your comment is quite enlightening, but the point is that there is a lot of difference between Karachi and Mountain View California! Here in our humble town there is little for entertainment and to beat the scorching sun in the afternoon except to go for a drive in the evening or do all shopping after sunset. Specially for us poor species who work in offices and only get time to get even the essential things in the evening. Last year I remember because of this stupid idea, the bazars were all clogged up with people on Saturdays and they did not have the capacity to handle the rush, and we who work on saturdays even did not have time to shop even then.

    Plus, why does the government leave the “kunda” people and make the common man suffer for the electricity theft? One major reason for load shedding is not the bazars but the factories and apartments that run on “kunda” and not pay a penny for the electricity they consume.

    Give me a rebate to decrease my power bill by 10% and I will think about it, but when I pay in full, and I do not get any rebates, only taxation on the tax itself (tax on tax) then I first have the right to complain if there is no electricity in my home at night and to top it up, if I have to run a generator on the fuel I buy myself to keep kids from crying through the night, then I think we have the right to complain if the government on its own decides to close the shops. Last year closing shops did not effect the load shedding at all, it just created more mess!

    The rest of the world uses daylight saving time to gain benefit of one hour of sunlight in the evening … we on the other hand tell people not to earn their living.

    Think about it … and offer me some rebates!

  17. M (unregistered) on May 4th, 2007 @ 8:56 pm

    Correction … my previous post was addressed to Mr. Obi Wan Kenobi, not Sufi Sahib – I apologize for the mistake.

  18. original-faisal (unregistered) on May 4th, 2007 @ 9:23 pm


    What a brilliant retort to Obi Wan Kenobi’s
    comment … agree with you a hundred percent.

  19. Obi Wan Kenobi (unregistered) on May 4th, 2007 @ 9:36 pm


    I do not want to argue but let me clear you few things. You think that people here do not work and do all their shoppings in day time. Quite a lame argument.If you start your work early then you would get off at 5 pm. But if you start work at 10 am then you would get off at 7 pm. This is all about timings. And mind it , bay area gets much warmer in day time, I can compare it with Karachi for its heat.

    This is all about give and take. You keep arguing that govt. should provide us reliefs but it would never help. Unless we try ourselves, no one can help us.

  20. Salman A. (unregistered) on May 4th, 2007 @ 10:12 pm

    wall street, one the busiest places, gets half filled by as early as 630 in the morning in the coldest day of the year with more than one foot of snow in the area. but our ‘nawabs’ of karachi wait until the sun is down to go shop banyan and underwear……LOL

  21. d0ct0r (unregistered) on May 4th, 2007 @ 10:56 pm

    generate your own electricity and start selling it to kesc..

  22. d0ct0r (unregistered) on May 4th, 2007 @ 11:00 pm

    or nail the bloody kundafied homes/factories.. neighbours do know who is stealing and using a kunda

  23. Turab (unregistered) on May 5th, 2007 @ 12:51 am

    9-5 are regular hours??!! are u kidding me in karachi the markets don’t open till freakin 11!!!
    where else in the world does this happen??

  24. Petarian_88 (unregistered) on May 5th, 2007 @ 1:57 am

    i think it’s a very good idea to save energy!

    in Germany,Switz and other eurpoean countries most, if not all, markets close early i.e around magrib/isha time.

    if you take a wlk in Zurich, frankfurt…etc after Isha time it would seem to you that u are in a ghost town.

    so whats wrong with closing markets early in pakistan esp. when w have an acute shortage of electrical power.

  25. Petarian_88 (unregistered) on May 5th, 2007 @ 2:04 am

    i don’t c the point of having 2 weekly holidays.

    we can’t use the electrical power thus saved by an extra holiday on a normal working day. it would just mean no load shedding on that particular day. so y not have only one or 2 working days!

    so in order to escape from load shedding, load management which includes closing markets early…etc is essential.

  26. Kashif (unregistered) on May 5th, 2007 @ 3:18 am

    Spot on Wan Kenobi. I am great fan of yours especially since you sliced Anikin Skywalker off :)

    I second all suggestions of early to bed and early to rise.

    We had a post about it last year.

  27. Ahmed (unregistered) on May 5th, 2007 @ 3:58 am

    california ke kahanee he kuch aur hae a couple of years back they had this huge energy crisis they need to save electricity I am in illinois and I dont think there are any rules for closing malls/stores early blockbuster is open till 12:00am here but then we are talking about karachi I think cdgk should start showing some efficiency on their end so that there are no street lights on in the morning now that could save some energy

  28. Zainuddin Zafar (unregistered) on May 5th, 2007 @ 8:37 am

    People this happens all over the world. I’m here in Melbourne Australia and all the shops are closed by 5! I think its a great idea and shop owners should follow it, they should stop waking up at 12 pm! Early to bed early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.

  29. ronin1770 (unregistered) on May 5th, 2007 @ 11:04 am

    It is not about criticism – it is about reality – what can be achieve in pakistan – here government can’t control milk prices – and they will try to close down every shop in the city/country about 8:00 – DREAM ON

  30. llama (unregistered) on May 5th, 2007 @ 1:18 pm

    This govt really needs to learn from past mistakes. They tried this last year and it caused more problems and solved none. The ONLY possible solution is to use daylight savings and leave enough time for people to be able to shop in the evening hours after work. I think the one year we used Daylight Savings was one of the best years! why discard a solution that works in favour of one that clearly didnt?

  31. Abdul Sami (unregistered) on May 5th, 2007 @ 3:35 pm

    Does anyone here know why day light savings were not continued in Pakistan?

    There should be a mechanism where a House should draw only a particular threshold which it requested when taking connection.
    For eg. if a house request 3kw of Power it can not draw more than that. or what about prepaid electricity?

  32. Adnan Siddiqi (unregistered) on May 5th, 2007 @ 3:51 pm

    Dil dhoondta hai phir wahi fursat ke raat din
    baithe rahe tasavvur-e-jaanaan kiye hue

    Jaaron ki narm dhoop aur aangan mein letkar
    aankhon pe khinchkar tere aanchal ke saaye ko
    ondhey paray rahe kabhi karwat liye hue
    Dil dhoondta hai phir wahi fursat ke raat din.

    Ya garmiyon ki raat jo purvaiyaan chalein
    thandi safed chaadaron pe jaageen der tak
    taaron ko dekhte rahen chhat par paray hue
    Dil dhoondta hai phir wahi fursat ke raat din

    Barfili sardiyon mein kisi bhi pahaar par
    vaadi mein gunjati hui khamoshiyaan sune
    aankhon mein bhige bhige se lamhe liye hue
    Dil dhoondta hai phir wahi fursat ke raat din

    Lyrics-Gulzar from movie Aandhi;

  33. ronin1770 (unregistered) on May 5th, 2007 @ 5:42 pm

    “pre-paid electricity”

    hahahaha – that’s new

  34. Abdul Sami (unregistered) on May 5th, 2007 @ 5:53 pm


    Dude Prepaid electricity is already a reality in UK, South Africa, New Zealand and many more. Google is your friend!

  35. Adnan Siddiqi (unregistered) on May 5th, 2007 @ 8:56 pm

    I am all for Pre-paid Electricity.

    *me to local shopkeeper*

    Nadeem bhai, wo 100 rupay wala bijli ka card deydain wo subha office k kaproun per istiri karni hay

  36. MystaKool (unregistered) on May 5th, 2007 @ 9:18 pm

    i’m pro daylight saving…
    too bad people here are either to slow to learn, or adamant not to learn new ways to make things better.

  37. Abdul Sami (unregistered) on May 6th, 2007 @ 12:46 am

    Adnan…I still remember first series of ‘Gulls n Guys’ by Shoaib Mansoor. Salman Ahmed (junooni) visits London and he showed the “Key” to be inserted into pre=paid electricity meters. If you ran out of units, take the key to shop keeper and he will recharge it.

    I wonder how many here has watched that show and the Salman Ahmed’s episode.

  38. d0ct0r (unregistered) on May 6th, 2007 @ 2:30 am

    @Abdul Sami i did! … even the gas company here is issuing prepaid gas meters…

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