Fahm-e-Quran & Hadith Course

One of the most well known and popular amongst Islamic scholar Dr. Farhat Hashmi’s students, sister Huma Najmal Hassan (wife of Mr. Najmal Hassan, the head of Meezan Bank’s Corporate & Business Development sector) delivered an introductory lecture today on the rights of the Quran ahead of the start of a four month course on Fahm-e-Quran and Hadith at the Umar bin Abdul Aziz Mosque.

The course is being organised by the Umar bin Abdul Aziz Muslim Development and Research Centre, and is offering both morning as well as evening courses in a wide variety of topics including Quranic Recitation with Tajweed, Translation and Commentary, Quran Grammar and Basic Arabic, Hadeeths and Asool-e-Hadeeths, Masnoon Duaein and others.

All classes will be held between Mondays and Thursdays at the Umar bin Abdul Aziz Mosque, 18th Lane, Khayban-e-Badban, Phase 7 DHA. For admissions and further information contact 021 538 6653, 0300 706 6876, 0333 333 4410 or 0333 365 5754 for evening classes. The first classes are scheduled to begin from coming Monday, the 21st of May, 2007.

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  1. Balma (unregistered) on May 27th, 2007 @ 10:59 am

    * What are the most common tajweed errors you notice when people recite the Quran?

    The top few I notice are:
    – missing qalqalah
    – missing ikhfa
    – always doing takhfeef of raa
    – not stretching in places of ghunnah
    – not pronouncing taa or kaaf saakin with air
    – prounouncing taa or kaaf mutaharrik with air
    – not distinguishing between Daad and daal
    – not distinguishing between taa and Taa
    – not distinguishing between Haa and haa
    – not distinguishing between zaal, dhaal, Daad, and Zaa
    – not distinguishing between ‘ayn and hamzah

    ****** my comment

    bhai Adnan,
    When 80 percent of the population can not read write Urdu, Sindhi, or Pashto etc in Pakistan,
    what benefits will the umatees in Pakistan (or any non arabic speaking muslims) get from such details?

    How much closer will we get to Jannat if we can properly distinguish between sounds of zay, zaal, zuwaad, and zuway?

    Will there be less rishvat khori in PK if we can all distinguish betweem seen, say, and suwaad?

    Khudaa toom ko siraat-e-mustaqeem per layae;
    Aameen, Summaa Aameen….sorry thummaa Aameen!

  2. Balma (unregistered) on May 27th, 2007 @ 11:12 am

    * Lucifer
    ************ My Comment

    *Those who say “Allah Hafiz” are Slaves of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), followers of that agent of KSA, Farhat Hashmi,

    I don’t know if the above statement is true, but
    What started as Allah hafiz instead of Khuda hafiz in PK, ended up as hadeeth for hadees, ummah for ummat, hidayah for hidayat, and jannah for jannat etc.

    koee batlaa-ae yeh andaaz-e-gooftugo kyaa hae?

    Pehlay aadhi qaum Urdu may English boltee thee, now 60% is speaking Arabic in Urdu!
    Reaction? Sometimes, I think that is indeed the case.

  3. bingo (unregistered) on May 27th, 2007 @ 11:16 am

    @Adil + Lucifer + Akram

    It seems you are the same person, most probably a chirstian, waiting for ‘white’ Jesus. Like to call God as Khuda. Now, Jesus was not white, he was a semite………yes that’s right, Asian looking. No white skin, no blue eyes and no golden hair. So stop peddling your moronic ‘dreams’. Do not consider for one moment that ‘others’ know nothing about your tribes plans.

    And here is good news, err bad news for you. The whole plan is in severe jeopardy and is collapsing. Enjoy its demise before your petrified eyes.

  4. Balma (unregistered) on May 27th, 2007 @ 1:31 pm

    * Ibrahim
    ******* My comments

    * In Zaad al-Maad of ibn Qayyim and you can get a copy of Zaad al-Maad from Nafees Academy (since you gave me the publisher for Behasti Zawar!!) it says: Ibn Sina (Avicenna) says: The most beneficial of urine is the urine of Bedouin camels which are called najeeb.

    * In the Emirati newspaper al-Ittihaad (issue no. 11172, Sunday 6 Muharram 1427 AH/5 February 2006) it says: One

    In an article by Dr Ahlaam al-‘Awadi, which was published in al-Da’wah magazine, issue no. 1938, 25 Safar 1425 AH/15 April 2004 CE,

    * Prof. Dr. ‘Abd al-Fattaah Mahmoud Idrees says: With regard to the benefits of camel’s urine in treating disease, Ibn Seena said in his Qanoon: The most beneficial of urine is the urine of the Bedouin camels known as najeeb. Camel’s urine is beneficial in treating al-hazaaz, and it was said that al-hazzaz is a pain in the heart caused by anger and so on. Camel’s urine, especially the urine of a young she-camel – is used as a cleansing substance to wash wounds and sores, to make the hair grow, to strengthen and thicken it and to prevent it falling out, and it is used to treat diseases of the scalp and dandruff.

    * In a Master’s thesis by an engineer in applied chemistry, Muhammad Awhaaj Muhammad, that was submitted to the faculty of applied chemistry in the al-Jazeerah university in Sudan, and approved by the Dean of science and postgraduate studies in the university in November 1998 CE,

    *Note this research is from Muslims. How are you feeling by now? There is more and what I wrote above can be read at: http://www.islam-qa.com/index.php?ref=83423&ln=eng

    First of all, let me say here that the only scientist worth considering here is Ibn-e-Sina.
    Sudanese universities are not exactly bastions of science and medicine and even if someone was not religiously motivated to fabricate the stories, the sample size is too small. Next, are you going to quote some research from jalalabad univ?

    Clinical trials of drugs require more than just 25 test patients. Similarly, UAE and Saudi papers are not trust worthy when it comes to science and medicine mixing with religion. Reminds me of a paper presented by SUPARCO chief in Zulmat-ul-Haq’s time that suggested Pakistan should use jinns to produce electricity!
    Yes kids… this happenned. No wonder our nation is so jaahil and has surpassed in population even ex-East Pakistan. When you have rulers like Zia and Fahad, scientists and newspapers can propose anything to look good.

    But, obviously Ibn-e-sina is a different story!

    I was not aware of his comment on Urine from camels. But, i would still suggest you get it confirmed via some lab tests before you rush to Clifton or a local zoo to get your new shampoo or mouth wash replacement.

    There are side effects of every thing. yes, eczema may go, but urine drink may lead to kidney failure. May be a good mouthwash, perhaps, but may lead to gall bladder enlargement!
    Would love to know if Ibn-eSina, who I think was a great scientist, did enough experiments to check side effects.

    I guess the bedouins thought of camel’s urine of some benefit, just like some Indians thought cow’s urine was a good thing to drink. One of them in recent history thought that his own urine was his sehet kaa raaz (Murar jee Desai).
    So, may be there is something to this urine drinking business.

    Also, I went to the website you mentioned and found the following excerpt interesting.
    Also noted Hanafi’s abrogation note on Bukhari’s camel urine Hadees.

    Here is the excerpt (Typing mistake are from the original site, and not mine):

    Im√¢m al-Tirmidh√Æ said, after narrating the `Urayna h.ad√Æth, that the majority of the authorities do not consider the urine of edible animals filthy. Ibn Qud√¢ma reiterates this ruling in the Mughn√Æ and cites, among those that consider it pure, al-Zuhr√Æ, Yah.y√¢ al-Ans.√¢r√Æ, `At.√¢’, al-Nakha`√Æ, al-Thawr√Æ, M√¢lik, and Ah.mad. This is also the position of Muhammad ibn al-H.asan al-Shayb√¢n√Æ as stated by al-T.ah.√¢w√Æ in Sharh. Ma`√¢n√Æ al-Ath√¢r and al-Sarakhs√Æ in al-Mabs√ªt.. `Abd al-Razz√¢q in his Mus.annaf and al-T.ah.√¢w√Æ narrate the same from Muh.ammad ibn al-H.anafiyya, Ibr√¢h√Æm al-Nakha`√Æ, and `At.√¢’, some adding that camel urine is also sniffed for medicine as well as cow urine and sheep urine. Al-Bukh√¢r√Æ narrated:


    Imâm al-Shâfi`î considered the Prophetic prescription of camel urine a life-and-death exception that has the same status as the dispensation for eating carrion meat in case of extreme necessity (and any filthy substance for medication other than intoxicants).26 Similarly, the H.anafî School considers the ruling of filth annulled if there is certainty of medicinal benefit, otherwise, camel urine remains najis according to Abû H.anîfa and al-T.ah.âwî. In addition, the `Uraniyyîn h.adîth itself is abrogated in the H.anafî view. Several major Shâfi`îs such as Ibn Khuzayma, Ibn al-Mundhir, Ibn H.ibbân, al-Is.t.akhrî, and al-Rûyânî defected to the position of Mâlik and Ah.mad.27 In the Mâlikî Madhhab prayer is valid even on road-paths soiled with the urine and droppings of edible animals.28 Ibn Rushd РAverroes Рin his masterpiece of comparative fiqh titled Bidâyat al-Mujtahid says the rationale of the permissive ruling is that the refuse of edible animals is not repugnant, unlike that of humans and inedible animals.


    Also, please read the following excerpt from the same site referred to by Ibrahim. Here is a discussion if the people who were compiling hadees made a mistake in thinking the word was ‘their urine’. Note: 200 years passed before the first sahah-sittah was compiled.

    Begin (again typos not mine)

    XI. The Colostrum Hypothesis
    Shaykh Muh.ammad al-`Ak√Æl√Æ, the Syrian-American translator of Ibn al-Qayyim’s al-T.ibb al-Nabaw√Æ under the title Medicine of the Prophet (upon him peace), told this writer that he considered the mention of the term “their urine” (abw√¢lih√¢) in all the above h.ad√Æths a copyist’s mistaken rewording of the word “their colostrum” (alb√¢’ih√¢) in view of two factors: the word alb√¢’ih√¢ is so rare as to remain incomprehensible and therefore implausible to most copyists; second, alb√¢’ih√¢ looks so much like alb√¢nih√¢, “their milk,” as to suggest diplology. The well-intentioned copyist then supplied the closest possible term in his or her mind – abw√¢lih√¢. (Colostrum even beats milk as a vitamin and antibody- packed diuretic and is produced by the parturient camel for four to five days.) Yet the hypothesis does not stand to scrutiny in light of the profusion of the transmission chains and written manuscripts unanimous on the abw√¢lih√¢ wording and the fact that camel urine had a history of medicinal use among desert Arabs with which all the early Scholars seemed familiar. And All√¢h knows best.


    Regarding covering up and imprisonment of women:
    *Hopefully, if you are even a little wise, my above comments should put you in your place. It might be imprisonment for you, but not for others. Read sister Zainub’s comments to see another and correct perspective.

    ACtually, your points are not very persuasive.
    And even if you and your like minded are able to confine Muslim women into haram like places, all what it does is that it stops men from looking at women. It still leaves the chances of women being attracted to other women. Since women can see each other , they might get attracted to each other and make a move on each other. What would be your solution. Kill the lesbians?

    Your scheme of secluding women may protect them from men, but can’t protect them from each other!

    Another social problem that can rise due to extreme thoughts of people like you will actually lead to destruction of Muslim societies in atleast Muslim minority countries, such as India and USA.
    Listen, boys will be boys – and when they can’t even chat with Muslim girls, because Muslim girls are walking around in tents if lucky, and confined to their homes most probably, they will end up marrying non Muslim girls. So, God forbid if your scheme is ever successfull. It will be the end of Muslim presence in India, US, and China. If Muslim men and women can’t even see or talk to each other, no I am not about dating, just seeing and talking to each other, you think they will have interest in each other! Already, good 10-20 Muslims are marrying out of religion in USA ( and I guess even in India).

    I really think, people like Fitnah Hashmi are agents. If people follow them, they will be desroyed in a generation or two.

    At this point, I will like to go bit off tanget as you complain….. and yes, i am not a lakeer kaa faqeer (or cicle kaa faqeer, since we are talking of tangents) or as you would think I deviate from the sirat-e-mustaqeem…. I am thinking of an excerpt I read from Navab Saeed Ahmed khan Chhataari Marhoom’s autobiograpy. Here Mr. Chhattaari describes his visit to a mansion near London (in 1930’s I guess).
    He describes what he saw was a large number of Englishmen being trained in classical arabic language, Quran, and your favorite hadeeses and also taught stupid points like length of trousers, beard’s importance, and moonch no moonch ahadees.
    He writes that a kind hearted englishman who took him to that secret mansion claimed that these english ‘imams’ are being trained and will be implanted in arab countries as locals to screw the Muslims.
    I will be very appreciative of anyone who can tell me how to get Navab Chattari’s bio. I must confirm what I read in the excerpt from it.

    I have also read about Lawrence of Arabia ending up in Lahore’s Anarkali bazar. Even his British history talks about his visit to Bombay. But Lahore presence is not mentioned except a story I read in some Urdu magazine. According to that story Lawrence planted himself as a baba jee in anaarkali….remember he was expert in Arabic- and showed such kashf-o-karaamaat that even married the daughter of another baba jee in anar kali bazar. Finally people figured out he was a fraud and gave him a thrashing Lahori style, and he had to escape from Lahore with the help from Panjab’s British governor. His ex-wife (the other baba jee’s daughter) ended up marrying Shaikh Abullah (sher-e-Kashmir), father of current KAshimri Leader farooq Abudllah. I don’t know if this story is real, but I am sure there are implants…..to destroy Muslims and capture their resources and lands. I wonder how many such baba jees and beebee jees there are in Pakistan (or Canada). Is Fitnah Hashmi such an agent?

    * Do you even read what you write. Wazu is not to clean the face and feet only. Noose is there, arms are there, mouth is there. You stand in front of Allah during namaz in best possible manner—clean and appropriately clothed. And, our prophet has shown that the level of such cleaniness required is achieved by performing wazu or ghusul when required (but least is ghusul). Also, your lack of knowledge is again evident. If you do a wazu, let’s say in the morning for fajr, and if you don’t do anything that breaks a wazu, then you don’t have to repeat it if you want. So, your argument about showering once is plenty doesn’t hold water when a person can do wazu only once as well. So, why do away from wazu when wazu can be (and should be) done during shower/ghusul.

    Briefly, you take things literally.
    Just one proof is your comment that: “doing vazu while taking ghusal”. What difference does it make, if vazu is a subset of shower? But, then again…!!!???!!

    bye bye

  5. Lucifer (unregistered) on May 27th, 2007 @ 2:12 pm

    Come to Knowledge, Come to LIGHT, Forget Religion, Remember what is RIGHT … FREE YOUR MIND.

    Who really cares what a certain Hadees actually said? There is no definitive evidence of these things…they have been re-interpreted over the centuries. They are now only of historical interest. Think of the future, not the past. The future can be better if we make it better…the past was great only in your fantasies. I’m talking about that fantasy of the Great Islamic Empire that you people seem to be obsessed with. It never happened…just stories from Alif Laila.

  6. bingo (unregistered) on May 28th, 2007 @ 11:43 am

    Some [EDITED OUT (reason: personal attack)] wrote Islamic Empire never happened. Look at it [EDITED OUT (reason: personal attack)]:


  7. Lucifer (unregistered) on May 28th, 2007 @ 7:32 pm

    I wrote that an Islamic Empire never existed. Then I saw the link posted by Bingo…and I was right, as usual! The link just shows an image of an area labeled as “Islamic Caliphate”, without an administrative capital. That was not an empire, since it did not have a single administrative capital. It was just a region where people who had converted to Islam lived. Today, Muslims live across a far larger area, yet we don’t call this larger area an ‘Empire’. No single administrative capital exists for the areas where Muslims are settled today, nor existed for all the lands where Muslims were settled at any time during the past.

    As an example, we recognize the Ottoman Empire because it’s administrative capital was Istanbul. The administrative capital of the British Empire was London. The administrative capital of the Persian Empire was Persepolis. Of the Roman Empire was Rome. Understand?

    So, Muslims just fantasize about some past glory they call Islamic Empire. And worse, some foolish Muslims even fantasize that those imaginary ‘glory’ days will return! Keep dreaming duffers.

  8. Zainub (unregistered) on May 28th, 2007 @ 7:46 pm

    In view of the repeated and unfortunately failed warnings through out the course of this discussion to refrain from personally attacking other posters and keep the discussion on topic and civilized, I am now permanently disabling comments on this thread. Thank you for participating in this discussion.

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