Imran Khan’s entry banned in Sindh

MQM is leaving no stone unturned to bury itself deeper and deeper into trouble. The latest in this round of hasty decisions is ban on Imran Khan’s entry in SIndh for a whole month.

Whither, democracy?

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  1. ash (unregistered) on May 28th, 2007 @ 9:05 am

    People need to stop using tired go back home cliches. Where would Pakistan be without years of karachi providing 70% of the revenue and the nuclear weapons program? Are urdu speaker hating pakistanis are planning to give us those things back? because if not then STFU. We have repaid pakistan a million times over.
    And urdu speakers need to treat all the new migrants (non urdu speakers) with the respect that we ask for ourelves. Karachi is part of Pakistan and no one group can tell anyone else to “go back”. Disgusting. Again STFU.
    The intolerance and disgusting mentality exhibited on both sides of this debate is sickening. Are you people even human?

  2. softjoint (unregistered) on May 28th, 2007 @ 11:43 am

    RED PUNK dude when things get interesting we’re going to feed you to the dogs. The yankees will ram you down the throat and the hindus will get you up your back side. Then you’ll know the real meaning of terror.

  3. Adnan Siddiqi (unregistered) on May 28th, 2007 @ 12:26 pm

    Turab,kid being personal? At one side you have been bullshiting about Imran’s personal life and asking me why am I getting personal? how hypocrite you are! Why don’t you move out from Canada and help Altaf bhai and then come Pakistan to save Musharraf?

    Speaking of Sipah Sahba, kid you might not be aware but after 90s operation, most of MQM;s worker joined Sipah Sahaba and I am dead sure about it because few MQM workers of my area joined Sipah sahaba at that time when Naseerullah Babar was after MQM. Check your facts first before you say anything. You have given enough proof of your blind and ignorant faith on Altaf. “Parhe likhey jahil” was actually coined for people like you.

  4. Red_Munk!! (unregistered) on May 28th, 2007 @ 12:27 pm

    Haha, great!. Ill look forward to that.

    ASH ki post ka, as usual, tum jahiloun pe koi asar nahi hua?!.

    How s/he still has sympathies for you guys i fail to understand.

  5. TURAB (unregistered) on May 28th, 2007 @ 1:04 pm

    imran aap ka rishte mien kya lagta hai? … bol sakte ho to sunnay ki himmat rakho.. democracy where everyone speaks their mind and so did I …. i ain’t lambasting anyone throwing slurs against mqm n its leader…. heck adnan you are not even enrolled member of the PTI…. Atleast we have an MQM fund raiser here in Calgary… now that will set you on fire for sure! hahahaha

  6. TURAB (unregistered) on May 28th, 2007 @ 1:16 pm
  7. Adnan Siddiqi (unregistered) on May 28th, 2007 @ 1:54 pm

    Turab now you are being funny. Altaf aur Musarraf tumhara kia lagta hay? When I showed you mirror then you started to talk abotu democracy? Hypocrite kid if you are democracy lover then try to tolerate what Imran says abot that Altaf.

    heck adnan you are not even enrolled member of the PTI…. Atleast we have an MQM fund raiser here in Calgary… now that will set you on fire for sure! hahahah

    huh? Ye tu bachou wali baat huwi. Kids used to say like “Dekho dekhi meri abbu k pass barii se car hey, tumhara abbu k paas nahi”. What happened to you Turab? I never asked your age. Do you click on link “I am Under 13” when get registered with different forums.

    Turab, as I shared several times that you couldn’t be more closer to MQM than me. So quit your sissy rants as it’s just reflecting that you are not feeling well.

    Where will you hibernate after tragic end of Musharraf and Altaf? I am sure you’ll hide in some pub and would remember “old days” of your MQM and Mush. Bhai hawa ka rukh dekho, things are not with your leaders anymore:-)

  8. iD (unregistered) on May 28th, 2007 @ 2:39 pm
  9. iD (unregistered) on May 28th, 2007 @ 3:13 pm

    take a couple of minutes and read this artical
    and for people who are blaming him for being rapist and taunting on his past, please read the last lines in red


  10. asa (unregistered) on May 28th, 2007 @ 3:38 pm

    @ id
    thanx for sharing,great column…really Imran is only hope left for pakistan especially karachities to get rid from MQM…but im afraid MQM terrorist will kill Imran …May Allah save him from MQM

  11. Adnan Siddiqi (unregistered) on May 28th, 2007 @ 5:20 pm

    ASA, marnay walay se bachanay wala bara hay. Firown couldn’t do any harm to Moosa(AS) then who is this altaf?

  12. Khakan (unregistered) on May 28th, 2007 @ 5:26 pm

    Hello friends the truth is out”Billi thailai sai Bahar Aagai” IMran has said that hehas gathered all info against mqm from Naseer-ullah-babar(The Butcher,mat allah give him hell in life and keep space for him in HELL >>AAMEEN) and Haqiqi (Ghaddars of Mohajir nation):
    So now we all know who is running the show. Imran is so stupid to revealed his sources..He got no place in politics.As they say you would not only be punished in hell for your sins but also would pay the price in your life.He will have to pay the price for all his sin

    offcourse Maarnai walai sai Bachanai wala bara hai..Laikin my friend dont give wrong example..and DONT give Firoun and Moosa example becauce IMRAN IS AINT MOOSA.Please think before write are you out of your mind comparing Hazrat Moosa with Imran, A PLAYBOY A SINNER AND A ZAANI..MAN you should sya istaghfaar and Toba (May Allah forgive you for a sin you just comitted)

  13. Adnan Siddiqi (unregistered) on May 28th, 2007 @ 5:33 pm

    Abhi tu ek hee imran hay. CJ has given courage to many people to stand up against dictators or so called gods of this country. Agey Agey dekhye hota hey kia :-)

  14. asa (unregistered) on May 28th, 2007 @ 5:38 pm

    yes u r absolutely true but u knw our Emaan is so low that we have to afraid ppl like altaf..

    May Allah give us power of Emaan that we can fight against today’s firown Altaf

  15. AHmed ALi Khan (unregistered) on May 28th, 2007 @ 5:47 pm

    the hatred here against the Urdu speaks and Karachites is quite intresting.
    MQM is a party who is supported by majority of urdu speaks so when calling MQM terrorists you people directly calling Urdu speaks terrorists.
    Nobody is asking anyone to leave this city but intrestingly Urdu speaks burried there deadones in karachi but the soo called migrants from up country send their deads to their home towns it means they are not part of karachi, they came here just to earn their bread and butter suck blood of karachites and living like parasites to people who are living in karachi.
    No matter you called MQM terrorists but MQM will be like a wall for the Urdu Speaks we will not let anyone to treat urdu speaks as the thrid class citizens like Mohajirs were treated before the creation of MQM.
    Thanks Altaf Hussain and MQM for making Urdu Speaks United, thanks for making them powerful.

  16. Ali Ahmed Khan (unregistered) on May 28th, 2007 @ 6:10 pm

    Intresting that i was trying to post on the forum and then suddenly this appears .
    Your comment has been received and held for approval by the blog owner.
    hahaha this is what we called hatred against MQM and Urdu speaks,only one way traffic nobody is allowed to talk in favour of Urdu Speaks these soo called parhay likhai jahils can not stand with the truth these are the true facists who dont let anyone defend themselves they consider only and only they have the right to write.
    Shame on you this Met blog is not your property if you have the gutts if you think you are right then try to listen what we want to say not only what you want to say.
    One thing more you cannot supressed the voice on urdu speaks anymore nor you can do anything against MQM, if you can do anything just try to do it. WHy you are afraid of my posts ???

  17. iD (unregistered) on May 28th, 2007 @ 6:17 pm


    So you mean to say that MQM has taken a step back and gone back to old Mahajar Qoumi Movement and not the Mutahidda anymore?
    Because the way you are explaining MQM and urdu speakers here is litterally showing it all
    and yeah I am an Urdu speaker and again I hate Altaf Hussain and MQM but love my fella urdu speakers :)
    So its not against urdu speakers but MQM and Altaf!
    Also thing about people in Karachi to earn their bread and butter. Every Pakistani in Pakistan have their rights to move and live wherever they want to reagardless of their mother toungue. We are Pakistani and you DO NOT have any rights that people who move to Karachi have no rights to live in Karachi.ALWAYS REMEMBER!! YourS and My ancestors also moved from some other place :)

  18. KHakan (unregistered) on May 28th, 2007 @ 6:23 pm

    Bravo my firends.Dont worry about these mqm haters here they cant just “KHISYANI BILLI KHAMBA NOOCAHI” they are only few of them here on well planned agenda runnin campaign against Karachi. bunch of them are jamati and few from haqiqi and some of them are not even from dont worry let them waste thier time. Because the reality is that karachi is mqmandmqm is karachi.
    Also they never voted mqm in the past so no matter what mqm does they are still not gonna vote so let them live in thier dream houses and suck thier own thumbs.

  19. Mustafa (unregistered) on May 28th, 2007 @ 6:27 pm

    Attention bloggers:
    This blog has been attacked by Karachi haters and ppl who are not from Karachi. So please ignore the comments of these guys who are spreadin hate against mqm and karachi because its not true. Karachi is a mqm loving city and we are all with mqm.
    To all the attackers:
    Please all of you stay in line the next train is about to arrive on Platform number 3.

  20. Ahmed Ali Khan (unregistered) on May 28th, 2007 @ 6:38 pm

    @ ID
    no mr ID MQM is struggling for everyone but we are wall infront of MOhajirs as well as we are voted by Mohajirs, like PPP always talk about sindhis even they are Wafaq Parast, like ANP still talk about Pakhtuns like Muslim League when ever get a chance talk in favour of Punjab so why not MQM ??
    and about every one has the right so that MQM and urdu speaks have the right too to do politics in all the country which is not tolerated by anyone till now 28 offices of MQM burnt after 12 may if ANP can’t allow MQM office in peshawar where they are in majority why we tollerate their offices here in karachi where we are in majority ??
    For making a clap you have to use both hands live and let live it was not MQM , i repeatedly saying that it was Pakhtun s givig threats to turn karachi into kabul, why they are not using the same language in lahore where 2 strokes rikhshaws and old buses are banned ??
    first answer this and then ask me anything.
    dont worry if any riots occurs i always said that and again saying that nobody ask any urdu speak they vote for MQM or not they like or dislike Altaf Hussain, you urdu speaks easily identified from your face your clothes and your toungue.
    Before MQM thousands of Urdu speaks died in ethnic riots after MQM what have changed which is causing pain in the azzes of non urdu speaks is the way of reply, first they were killing urdu dpeaks now if they kill one they have to send one back to their home town as well and that is the main problem why MQM is soo bad .

    @ Khakan
    well these jamatis dont realize that if any ethnic riots occured the urdu speaks of Jamat will be targeted by the Pathans in jamat and at that time they will slap their hips with both hands and nobody in jamat will save them like what happened with a friend of mine a ajamati who was tortured at banaras and his bike was torched just because he was urdu speak .
    Now he is talking against Pathans that how they tortured him as he was screaming im from jamat e islami and pathans were saying to kia hoa ho to mohajirs naa.

  21. original-faisal (unregistered) on May 28th, 2007 @ 7:13 pm

    Britain to investigate finances and terrorism of Altaf Hussain?

    Dr Shahid Qureshi

    Anwar Dholan is a Punjabi lawyer who received direct threat to murder from Altaf Husssain in a gathering of hundreds including Baluch leader Akthar Mengal. Anawar Dohlan protested against the derogatory comments about all the Punjabis. He challenged Altaf Hussain that, ‘you cannot insult all the Punjabis’. In response Altaf Hussain asked the crowd something like, ‘had he dared to object me like this in Karachi, what would have happened to him and the crowd shouted, he ‘would have been murdered’? Famous journalist and professor of journalism Badar Somoro in Sindh University, and Anwar Dholan attended Acton Town Police Station in London. To their surprise the police told them they were already aware with the comments and incident. The efficient London police must have sent an Urdu speaking officer. The US State Department reported on MQM in February 2000 that, “The Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM), an opposition party that has demonstrated a willingness to use violence to further its objectives” The report further said, “It soon became an organization with criminal elements, which generated income through extortion and other forms of racketeering”.

    The US State Department report stressed that, “The MQM-Altaf, in part because of its efficient organization and willingness to use violence and intimidation to achieve its goals, became the dominant political party in the Sindh urban centres of Karachi and Hyderabad.

    The MQM, despite a number of moderate and non-violent leaders now in the Senate, National Assembly, and Sindh Provincial Assembly, has not been able to separate itself from its violent past.” The Sunday Times London also reported that, ‘he (Altaf Hussain) has been involved in terrorist acts and killings in Karachi’.

    During recent tension between India and Pakistan , only non-violent instruction issued by Altaf Hussain was according to Naveed Miraj of The Frontier Post, that ‘MQM had issued a memo to its workers to ‘Remain Neutral’ in case of war between Pakistan and India’?

    On 17th September 2000 Altaf Hussain, made his historic comment: “The partition of India was the biggest blunder of mankind”. Which seems to be continuation of his earlier comment on September 10, 1994, Altaf Hussain stated, “Mohajirs want their geographical boundaries to be determined” (Qaumi Akhbar). The MQM has been allegedly involved in systematic targeted killings of more than 650 Karachi police officers mainly those who took part in Benzair Bhutto period ‘Karachi Operation’. MQM deliberately chose interior ministry of Sindh to monitor police and intelligence agencies. They have reportedly issued weapons licenses to their supporters. Altaf Hussain is running MQM more like Mafia and a mercenary force than a political party. Individual loyalties are the key to success. MQM members who were driving Honda 50cc motorbikes now they have become millionaires and billionaires, so what more evidence of extortion and corruption is required? A group of 37 MQM MNAs and MPAs was dispatched to Lahore Press Club to read before the journalists a written oath of allegiance repeatedly referred to the “blind faith” of individual members in the leadership of Altaf Hussain.

    The press conference was held on July 25, 1991 , a day after the Lahore High Court ordered the release of Afaq Ahmad and others. The press conference went on for two and a half hours, and during this time a telephone was available to Altaf Hussain in Abbasi Shaheed Hospital to hear the proceedings live. All the 37 members individually read their oaths before the newsmen. Dr Farooq Sattar said, “If I commit treachery against the Qaid, I will have denied my paternity”. Wasim Ahmad said, “If I go against the Qaid. I may not be of my mother,” reported daily Nawa-I-Waqt Lahore, July 26, 1991. When the Journalists objected that they could not sit through the statements, which were more or less alike, some MQM members retorted by saying, “once we get a foothold in Lahore, then you will sit and listen, like they do in Karachi”. This led to a number of journalists walking out of the press conference in protest. On 28th January 2000, ‘the new offices, complete with the latest computer technology, have been built into the existing headquarters in north London. The refurbished premises, which cost thousands of dollars, were formally opened by the UK opposition’s spokesperson on foreign affairs, Cheryl Gillian MP. However, Ms Cheryl Gillian MP (Member of Parliament) said that in her view the MQM was a party of peace. “Politicians must be able to talk to other politicians about other issues. The MQM politicians in this country have always been approachable and have always kept us informed,” she told the BBC. While talking to Edgware Times, Altaf Hussain explained his plight: “It is never easy running a movement. One has to sacrifice many things — Jesus Christ sacrificed for his people.” Altaf Hussain’s supporters in Karachi increased by 10 million in just two years because he claimed to have 20 million supporters in an interview with the Edgware Times in November 1998. But in 2001, MQM claimed to have 30 million supporters when the MQM London office sent a fax to ‘Reuters’ on 22nd September 2001.

    Altaf Hussain said to Edgware Times “It is my wish that they (Government of Pakistan) take me to trial in a British court, then I will tell people nationally and internationally what has been happening in Pakistan.” Altaf Hussain’s wishes may be fulfilled first, by starting the investigation into the funding sources of International Secretariat by the Serious Fraud Office and Metropolitan Police. A full criminal investigation into the alleged money laundering by MQM is needed in the United Kingdom, South Africa, United States, Canada and Dubai because his supporters have been caught with bags full money at the Heathrow Airport’ according to Qaim Ali Shah former Chief Minister of Sind on ARY TV Channel.

    He may be charged with exporting terrorism and provocation to murder, criminal damage subject to evidence under Britain’s existing Terrorism Laws. Since 12th May 2007 terrorist atrocities, 40+ innocent killings, 150 injured and damage to property in Karachi, Altaf Hussain has become a threat to security of British interests and his presence in the United Kingdom seems to be ‘not conducive to public good’.

  22. iD (unregistered) on May 28th, 2007 @ 7:58 pm

    “after MQM what have changed which is causing pain in the azzes of non urdu speaks is the way of reply, first they were killing urdu dpeaks now if they kill one they have to send one back to their home town as well and that is the main problem why MQM is soo bad ”
    Just quoted you above and I got couple of things to say. It looks to me that you are accepting that MQM had been and will be involved in gun politics. Now, I’ll step on your side and I can understand that being the only party for urdu speaker in Karachi MQM had responsibilty to respond those ethnic riots in Karachi in 90s.
    But I am with Imran Khan because his party do not support Gun Politics at any point. The moto of the party is always respond by being in the boundaries of the law no matter what :)
    I just think its right not to lose yourself with lost people :)
    I hope you understand my point

  23. Saad (unregistered) on May 28th, 2007 @ 8:30 pm

    Faisal – where did you get the above article from?

  24. Ahmed Ali Khan (unregistered) on May 28th, 2007 @ 8:57 pm


    @ ID

    imran khan was the first who salutes Mushurruf and went into his shoes when mush came into power Imran endorse his army rule then imran wants 10 NA seats that he failed to won and after that he start politics against Mush so your point is irrelevent that Imran never give support to Mush.

    About MQM is involved in gun running ,Every political party is involved you forgot Al Zulfiqar that hijacked Pakistan Air Plane took it to Damascuss shot Army Gen Rahim from the point blank range and throw him out on the runway. the current Opposition leader in Senate Raza Rabbani was released on the demands of Al Zulfiqar in that plane hijack saga, so why you people never took voice over that?i never listen PPP is a terrorist party who hijacked airplanes shot army people dead launch attacks on government installation with rockets, have any MQM worker hijacked any plane ????

    You forgot Jamat e Islami also run gangs of gun runners infact still rulling university of punjab on gun point.

    The problem is with you people is that you want to rule karachi but we will never let you do that.

    Karachi has the majority of urdu speaks and its their due right to rule this city.

    I ask you WHy Pakhtuns never said they will turn Lahore into Kabul like they said they will turn karachi into kabul ?

    You people dont have answers you people only have hatred so why should we give you space in our hearts when you are not acepting the mendate of the people of Karachi ???

    @ Jawad

    yes you are trying to make the point that because Mush is Mohajir he is also an indian agent .

    Good carry on that will not serve you infact the line you people are drawing will be a disaster and i can see that very near.

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