KSE reaches at its peak

Meanwhile, the Karachi Stock Exchange reached its highest on Friday. And today it climbed even higher, closing at 12830. I take that’s a good sign.

How long before we see another crash?

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  1. unaiza nasim (unregistered) on May 28th, 2007 @ 6:42 pm

    aah kool! finally time to make money:)

  2. Naeem (unregistered) on May 28th, 2007 @ 8:31 pm

    Unaiza – no sooner you would put money in the market, it would crash!! lol

  3. Ahmed Ali Khan (unregistered) on May 28th, 2007 @ 9:07 pm

    all the propaganda against MQM and karachi failed as foreign and local investers have faith in MQM and Mush Gov
    Go Karachi Go let the anti karachi dogs bark.

  4. Ahmed Ali Khan (unregistered) on May 28th, 2007 @ 10:03 pm

    After 12 May 2007 foreign Investment in Karachi incresed.
    Quite intresting!!


  5. TURAB (unregistered) on May 28th, 2007 @ 10:07 pm

    slap in the face of anti mqm n anti mushi supporters

    long live karachi and long live kse

  6. Sufi (unregistered) on May 28th, 2007 @ 10:14 pm

    How are the events on 12 May 2007 and the increase in Foreign Investment related, my enlightened friends?

  7. Ahmed Ali Khan (unregistered) on May 28th, 2007 @ 11:06 pm

    @ Sufi
    that is something you will never understand my friend you will understand when the times come for your information foreign investor knows who is the real power in karachi so they are directly dealing with that power,and foreign investment increase after 12 may is the report of Jang news paper not mine so go and read what Daily Jang writing about it and also what foreign investor thought about karachi.

    Link to that news is below just click it my friend and read it yourself ;)

    @ Turab
    yaar save your slaps as there will be bigger times more then this to slap these anti MQM anti ALtaf Hussain and Anti Karachi people soo plz i beg you save them for that time and the case Imran going to file in UK will be the start of Great Karachi future hope you understand :0)

  8. Red_Munk!! (unregistered) on May 29th, 2007 @ 12:05 am

    6/9 spam…tut tutt. too much free time.

    Back on topic, around 1&1/2 – 2 yrs ago, I remember the stock market was going crazy. Being reported on int markets even.

    Ppl were investing money left,right & center.

    Then the markets crashed.

    The ppl ordering Camary’s went bankcrupt, had to take their kids outta school, some even commited suicide.

    The brokers still blame AKD/Arif Habeeb & Mr.Short-Cut himself, for ‘fixing’.

    …My point, be carefull & invest small.

    Save yourselves from future heartache.

  9. Ah,ed Ali Khan (unregistered) on May 29th, 2007 @ 12:18 am

    To All
    if you want to invest in the stock market plz plz plz invest for long term purpose dont try to do Satta in the market,Market is making its new all time high so be careful if you have some extra money to invest, wait for the right time when market take a correction until then just sit back watch the market and have some tea.

  10. Sufi (unregistered) on May 29th, 2007 @ 12:35 am

    Ahmed Ali Khan, when did I say that I am anit-Karachi, anti-MQM? But you still never mentioned the reason(s) of the increase in investment.

  11. Sufi (unregistered) on May 29th, 2007 @ 12:36 am

    Ahmed Ali Khan, when did I say that I am anit-Karachi, anti-MQM? But you still never mentioned the reason(s) of the increase in investment. And if you believe the violence and bloodshed on 05/12 helped increase the investment, then you are probably the smartest guy in here.

  12. Adnan Siddiqi (unregistered) on May 29th, 2007 @ 2:13 am

    I also don’t get what’s the relation of Altaf bhai and KSE 100 index?

    9/11 brought prosperity in Pakistan(Army), what does that mean? Which equation would you fit here? =)

    Interesting, if increase in KSE-100 Index is due to faith on Altaf bhai?

    Even if you insist then why don’t you try to see the other side? KSE people might be happy that now Altaf would be in UK courts and face charges and Imran already become nightmare for Bai. They would be happy that they wouldn’t need to give “Bhatta” anymore to MQM’s rascals and in future they would be able to do business easily and freely.

    Think positive my friends! ;)

  13. Teeth Maestro (unregistered) on May 29th, 2007 @ 3:14 am

    Sajjad Mir on TV1 is doing a show on the corruption in the KSE – I hope that a lot is revealed in that show (or is that common news) he has asked for tips to be emailed to him.

  14. wasiq (unregistered) on May 29th, 2007 @ 3:27 am

    read their lips! the jobbers and punters of KSE have plenty in their mouth…..LOL

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