Monsoon comes in

The rain started at appoximately 4pm, with very strong gusts of wind and washed off a great deal of things all over the city.

Over 20 damaged billboards on Shahrah e faisal alone 2 wrecked bus stops and one a couple of crashed lamp posts etc. The traffic jam was insane towards the Baloch Colony bridge area.


As a general rule, Shahrah e Faisal should be avoided when the intended route should be heading towards the Baloch Colony bridge. Water tends to accumulate on the left lanes, forcing traffic to squeeze into the right lanes, resulting in a massive jam.



So far there have been reports of over 20 deaths and several mud houses etc collapsing. Significant damage was also caused by flying debris in the form of broken glass on buildings and metallic sheets from billboards etc.


Yahoo! weather forecasts rain and thunderstorms for the next 4 days, with predictions for later tonight as well.

With many localities already paralysed, lets hope this season passes by with minimal further damage.

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  1. Serenity (unregistered) on June 28th, 2007 @ 1:35 am

    Beautiful, fresh,spiritually invigorating…
    Brings to mind memories of glorious days of childhood and the “puddly splashes”.
    Or was it the fact that we were too young to comprehend what was really going on around us and the consequences associated with it?
    The whole year round, it is dry, hot , parched, people looking at the relentless skies, thirsting for any unmindful drop which might actually “drop”.
    And when Rain finally decides to pay us a visit, The City falls apart at the seams.
    So much suffering, so much loss.
    Who’s fault is it really? The Rain?
    Let’s really think hard about this one.

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